Unless you’ve been in exile, you’ve likely heard of PUBG. It’s one of the most popular games in the world right now and it’s coming to Xbox on December 12th. Ahead of this PUBG & Xbox have teamed up in what can only be described as a stroke of marketing genius.

How, I hear you ask? IRL supply crates, that’s how. Yes, you heard that correctly, coming to a currently undisclosed destination in city near you is a crate filled with PUBG and Xbox related goodies. Provided you live in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.  According to the Xbox Australia Facebook page, the crates will contain  Xbox and PUBG prizes, from Xbox One X consoles and Elite Controllers, to Xbox Live codes, PUBG loot and PUBG game codes.


Earlier this week, I’d seen this very suspect post come from Alen’s (Champchong) Twitter account. At the time, my thoughts were “wow, that’s cool” and “wow, he’s putting a lot of effort into some video production”. Turns out he was the first one into Syd-chinki as part of their campaign.



The supply crates are touching down this Saturday, 9th December and their locations will be revealed at 9am AEDT on the following event pages: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. As if you were in an actual game of PUBG, loot will be grabbed on a first come, first serve basis and as long as you tell them the secret password that they’ll be publishing on their page. You can check out the promo video here:



Posted by Xbox ANZ on Tuesday, 5 December 2017


This is one of the best marketing campaigns for a game that I’ve seen and I’ve cleared my calendar to go supply crate hunting. Here’s hoping for a shiny new Xbox and in a worst case, there’s always PUBG. Get ready Xbox community, you best be ready for some edge of your seat gameplay. PUBG is for champs, not chumps.


TLDR: Xbox Australia & PUBG, great job and keep up the great work. Gamers, I’ll race ya!