I’m back with another look at the most important happenings in Australian esports last week, as well as everything you should be aware of in the week to come. New this week, Overwatch Contenders enters the fray!














Last Week
Going into last week, the Mariners and Sydney FC were leading the charge with a big match between Melbourne City and Brisbane Roar to decide who stays on the heels of the leaders.


Unsurprisingly Sydney FC brought home the bacon, with a convincing win on both legs to beat bottom of the table Wellington Phoenix 5-3. The Mariners however, had a close shave, with the Western Sydney Wanderers putting in a strong comeback in the second game. The Mariner’s still got the win, but only by 1 goal, going 5-4.


Melbourne City put in the performance of the night over Brisbane Roar to take the match 8-1 on aggregate and for a change it was Josh Wood who outshone Marcus Gomes, with his 5-1 win.


The Newcastle Jets managed to sneak in a win against Melbourne Victory, with Mitch Austin picking up his first win, taking the Jets to 2-1. Adelaide United Managed to grind out an equally close win over Perth Glory, taking their match 4-3.



 You can view the the top goals here and if you’re feeling greedy, can pig out on all the goals from round 4, here.


 After all the action from round 4, this is where things stand, with the Mariners and Sydney FC leading the way and Melbourne City hot on their heels.



This week
Round four happens this Thursday at 8pm AEDT. There are no games that stand out as being particularly important to catch, but the Mariners, Sydney FC and of course Marcus Gomes United (Melbourne City) always put on a good show. You can watch the action live on Twitch, here.



Last Week
In something of a running theme, this week’s OPL action did not disappoint. This is despite the fact that the casting was a lot less Juves heavy, much to the fans dismay.


The action kicked off on Saturday with Order vs Legacy and as expected, Order picked up game 1 without a hitch… Game 2 and subsequently games 2 and 3, saw Legacy dig their heels in and take the game to Order, with Claire putting in a huge performance in the third game, almost grabbing a penta kill near the end. Legacy took, the win 2-1.


Avant were up next against Juves and his team at Sin Gaming. Avant, fighting to keep their gauntlet hopes alive, put in a strong performance vs Sin, but still managed to drop a game, going 2-1.


Sunday’s first match was bottom of the table Tectonic vs the Dire Wolves and this week, Shernfire and the team looked back to their former glory,  breaking their 2-1 curse and stomping out the competition 2-0. This shifted them to the top of the table, but not for too long, as the Chiefs faced the Bombers in the following game. Giving the game away, you already know what happened here, and the Chiefs predictably went 2-0.


As things stand, the Chiefs are still at the top of the table with 24 points, with the wolf pack on 23 and Order on 21.



This week
We enter the final group stage this week and with how close things are at the top of the table, you don’t want to miss any of the games this weekend!


First up on Saturday is Legacy vs the Bombers and Legacy will desperately try to take the win 2-0, leap frogging Avant, unless they can cause an upset, by beating the Dire Wolves, in the second game of the day. The Dire Wolves have a great chance of topping the league if they manage to beat Avant, but they’ll really want the 3 points here and will not want to drop a game.


The biggest game of the weekend will be the Chiefs vs Order, which is the opening game on Sunday. This game will likely determine the winner of the league and if Chiefs win, it’s an instant top spot result, whereas if Order wins, the Dire Wolves matchup determines who takes the top spot. No doubt Order will be keen to bounce back from last week’s showing.


Last but not least we have Sin vs Tectonic, as both teams battle for pride more than anything else.


The action takes place from 2pm on Saturday and Sunday and you can catch the action here.



Last Week
On Saturday, we had the ESL’s R6 APAC Pro League Season 7 Qualifier Cup #4 go down. After a hectic 6 rounds, the teams that topped the table at the end of the night were SYFGaming, Zero Gaming, Team Equinox and Team Tahoot.


On Sunday, we had the ESL’s R6 APAC Pro League Season 7 Qualifier Cup #5a go down. The names that topped the table were similar, with SYFGaming and Equinox in the top 4. They were joined by Taboo and Control esports.


This week
On Tuesday night, the top teams in Australia battle it out in 2018’s ESL, ANZ Pro League Season 1 finals. The teams will be split into two groups.


Both groups will follow the usual winners and losers bracket format, with the winner of the semi’s moving on to the winners bracket finals and then facing the winner of the losers bracket finals.


Off the back of Mindfreak’s win 2 weeks ago, they’ll be hoping to ride that wave to another victory this week.



The action kicks off at 7pm AEDT and you can catch the action here. Outside of the main event action, there’s also lower level cup action on Sunday at from around 12pm onwards and you should be able to watch it here.




Last Week
The first week of the ESL ANZ Championship kicked off this week. The action went down on Wednesday and Thursday, with the Chiefs picking up an easy 2-0 win over Orgless (Ex-Athletico). Next up was Streamline vs Carnage and Streamline took the match 2-0.


Order faced Ground Zero and picked up the 2 points, and R!ot went 1-1 with Lucky7. Grayhound went 2-0 over Corvidae and Control went 1-1 with Dark Sided. Last but not least, Conspiracy went 1-1 with Surge.


There were also a few big games last week in the Cybergamer Premier League. On Monday, Taboo went up against Orgless, and lost the matches 2-0. Next up was Chiefs vs Ground Zero and the Chiefs took the match 2-0.


On Tuesday, the action started with Grayhound taking on DarkSided and they took the match 2-0. The final game of the night saw Corvidae vs Avant and Corvidae picked up the points, going 2-0. This leaves the Chiefs leading the standings, followed by Grayhound and then Corvidae.


Over in the ESEA Premier League, it was the second last week of the league play and what a busy week it was, with action from Monday to Thursday. On Monday, Trident took a convincing win against Carnage, 16-8. The seadoggs managed to scrape a 22-20 win against ex-RA, and Dark Sided put in a solid 16-9 win against lol123.


On Tuesday, Carnage had another bad day, losing 10-16 to Corvidae. Athletico put in a solid performance, but fell just short, losing 14-16 to the Chiefs. Chiefs followed this up with a thumping 16-5 win over seadoggs. On Wednesday Ground Zero took a 16-12 win over MC, and Grayhound put in an equal 16-12 win over Control.


On Thursday, league leaders Order beat Grayhound in a fairly close 16-13 match, while Lucky7 beat ex-RA in a similarly close 16-14. lol123 took a 16-12 win over Trident and last but definitely not least seadoggs got their second thumping of the the week, going 5-16 against Order.


This Week
I’m always a bit late to the party with the CGPL, but Monday starts with Avant vs Ground Zero at 7pm, followed by Corvidae vs DarkSided at 9pm. Tuesday sees the Chiefs take on Orgless at 7pm and Grayhound vs Taboo at 9pm. You can watch the action on CyberGamer’s Twitch, here.


Over at the ESL, the action is back on this Wednesday and Thursday fropm 8pm onwards. On Wednesday, you can catch R!ot vs Carnage, Lucky7 vs Ground Zero, Chiefs vs Streamline and Orgless vs Order. On Thursday, You can catch Surge vs Taboo, Tainted Minds vs Corvidae, Conspiracy vs Control and DarkSided vs Tainted Minds. Some big games there, and you can catch the action here.


Over in the ESEA Premier League, we’re nearing the end of season 27 and there is action on Monday and Tuesday this week. We have a busy day on Monday, with Control vs Lucky7, Grayhound vs seadoggs, Tainted Minds vs Ground Zero, Lucky7 vs MC, Tainted Minds vs Dark Sided and Control vs Trident.


On Tuesday, ex-Athletico take on Dark Sided and follow that up with a match against Corvidae. The final game of the night is ex-RA vs MC. I’m not sure where there is regularly streaming happening, but ManicMunday is casting some of the matches.




Last Week
Last Saturday was OzHadou‘s York Street battles in Sydney. After many, many, many battles, this is how the day shaped up.


This Week
It’s a quiet week this week, nothing is happening.




Last Week
The ESL’s Go4RocketLeague Oceania February 2018 Finals happened on Tuesday night and the teams taking part were: Bandit esports, Battle-Car United, Ground Zero, R!ot, Resurrection Elites, Rise esports, Team Obsidium, Vizard esports.


In the winners bracket, Bandit esports cruised all the way to the finals. Rise esports got knocked out in the second round, but proceeded to cruise through the losers bracked to meet Bandit in the grand finals. Bandit continued their winning form, going 4-1 to take the winners crown.


On Sunday, the ESL’s Go4RocketLeague Cup #71 also went down and Rise esports and Sponsor Friendly rose through the ranks to meet in the final. Unlike in the February finals, Rise rose to the occasion winning the final.


Over at Throwdown, the final of the pre-league qualifiers happened and these are the following teams that qualified for the upcoming league play: The Chiefs, Tainted, Dark Sided, Jam Gaming, Legacy, Love Decks, Retirement Home and Legs are silly.


This Week
Speaking of Throwdown, their league play starts this Sunday at 12pm. The schedule has yet to be announced, but keep an eye on their Twitter, where they’ll likely announce things. You can watch it here.


They also have their monthly Throwdown Cup Final happening on Wednesday night from 7pm AEDT. Likewise, you can catch the action here.


On the ESL side, the Go4RocketLeague Cup #72 is happening on Sunday, starting at 6:30pm. You can find more info here.



Last Week
A quiet week, nothing happened.


This Week
A quiet week to come, nothing is happening.



Last Week
It was the second week of the HGC Premier Division in Australia. Crimson vs Downfall started off the action on Tuesday night, with Downfall taking the match 2-0. Next up, Nomia beat Nekomimi a strong 2-0.


On Thursday, Aztech kicked off the day vs QM Warriors and took the games 2-0. Next up, Nekomimi suffered a second 2-0 loss, this time to Rich Gang Ethugs. Aztech then played their second game of the night, but didn’t manage to hold their form, with a 0-2 loss to Nomia. The last game of the night saw Rich Gang take on the Outlaws, with the Outlaws taking the win 2-1.


This week
The Premier Division is back on Tuesday and Thursday night from 7.30pm. Tuesday starts off with QM Warriors going up against the Outlaws. The Warriors then go straight into their next game against Nomia and the last game of the night is Downfall vs Crimson. It will be interesting to see if Crimson can reverse their last result against Downfall.


A big night on Thursday, the action kicks off with Aztech vs Crimson, Nekomimi vs Rich Gang and Outlaws vs Downfall. The 9pm slot sees Outlaws vs Rich Gang and Aztech vs Nomia.


You can catch the action live here on the Blizzard ANZ Twitch, where they’ll be streaming some of the games.



Last Week
On Thursday night the Paladins Global Series Phase 7 Cup happened. Out of the 8 teams that competed TeamX went on to take the finals.


This Week
It’s a quiet week for Paladins this week. Nothing’s on.



Last Week
Tuesday night saw the ESL’s DOTA2 Season 1 Open Qualifier Cup #1. A fairly large night up to 32 teams competing, in a single game knockout format. There were a few empty slots in round 1, so a few lucky teams got a bye and moved straight to round 2.


Spag and Sons was one such team and they had a good run until the semi’s where they met N9, which is where their run ended. On the other side of the table, Focus and Seventh Heaven battered the competition and met in the semi’s with Seventh Heaven going on to meet N9 in the finals. N9 went on to take the crown.


This Week
A quiet week to come, nothing is happening.



Last Week
The ESL’s SMITE Global Series Phase 1 Cup 2 happened on Saturday. The cup was taken by the Powerpuff Girls.


This Week
It’s a quiet week for SMITE this week. Nothing’s on.



This Week
Awwww yisss. This week is the start of Overwatch Contenders. The season runs over the next 6 weeks, followed by the playoffs. You’ll see some well known Australian clan names, but will also a few lesser known ones. You can view all the rosters here.



Monday, Tuesday and occasionally Sunday will be the game days, and unfortunately for me, most of the games are scheduled in the mid to late afternoon, while I’m at work!


On Monday, we have Blank Blue vs Kanga esports, Jam Gaming vs the Sydney Drop Bears and Serenity vs Tainted Minds. On Tuesday NOC Predators tackle Moonlight and Dark Sided take on Legacy, which will be a game worth watching. Sunday sees Jam Gaming vs Moonlight and the Drop Bears vs NOC Predators.


You can view the schedule here and you can watch the action live, here.



Last Week
So the Sydney stop of the Halo World Championship Series happened on the weekend. Didn’t know about it? Neither did I. Nonetheless, let me give you the lowdown of what happened!


The action went down from Friday to Sunday and happened at the ESL Studio in Sydney. The format was double elimination, meaning that there was a winners and loser’s bracket, with two losses putting you out of the tournament. The teams to take part were: Mindfreak, Redback, Authority, Rivalry, Break Even, Osprey, Mulisha, Immunity, Hound Dogs, In Reverse, Victrix, Arcane, Senix, Dexterity and my favourite name of all, Team Spaghet.


At the end of day one, Mindfreak had beaten Ascension and Authority to move into round 4 of the winners bracket. They were facing Break Even, who knocked out Osprey and Rivalry. Immunity also made it through, having beaten Hound Dogs and In Reverse. They were to face Arcane who beat Dexterity and Team Spaghet. Over in the losers bracket, Senix, Hound Dogs, Rivalry and Ascension all won their first matchup, sending them through the first round of knockouts as they tried to claw their way back to the final.


Starting day two, Mindfreak went on to beat Break Even and Immunity won out over Arcane, putting them up against each other in the winners bracket semifinals. Over in the losers bracket, Senix progressed till they met Authority, who beat them and went on to face Rivalry.


On the Final day, Mindfreak clinically took apart Immunity to reach the final. Over in the losers bracket, Authority faced off against Rivalry and took the win, moving them forward to face Immunity, who in turn took the win off them and progressed to the grand final.


Having recently lost to Mindfreak, no doubt nerves played a part as Mindfreak made short work of Immunity in the grand final, taking the win, the $10,000 cheque and a spot in the global finals in April.


If you want a full run down of the event, you can watch all the action herehere and here.


This Week
It’s a one and done, nothing to see here this week.



Last Week
This was the start of the Starcraft II ANZ Pro League Season 2, with 5 teams competing in a 5 week round robin tournament, with the top 2 teams progressing to the grand final. The teams taking part are Rise, Downfall, Legacy, OSC Elite and SYF Gaming.


The action took place on Wednesday night at 7.30pm and 9pm. SYF Gaming took on Downfall and grinded out a 3-2 win. Rise also battled Legacy and lost 1-3.


This Week
This week, the action is again on Wednesday at 7.30pm and 9pm, with Legacy vs OSC Elite up first and Downfall vs Rise later in the evening. You can watch the live stream here.



And that’s it fellow kids. I think I’ve caught everything here, but if you know of anything I’ve missed, give me a shout on Twitter so I can include it. I’ll see you next week with another roundup of Australian esports.