I’m back with another look at everything that happened in Australian esports last week, and everything you should be aware of in the week to come. By the sheer amount of time it took to summarise all of this, there is a lot going on in Australian esports right now! What a time to be alive!




Fifa 18


Last Week
In it’s inaugural week, the E-League started off well with 138,000 views on Twitch. This week, they went from strength to strength, raising viewership on the night by 17% to 162,000, with a total of 300,000 total views.


Round 2 went down Thursday night, and with Marcus Gomes, one of the faces of the tournament looking to recoup after a difficult week one, the night was set to be action packed.


Off the back of a good round 1, the Central Coast Mariners put in another solid 4-2 win over Wellington Phoenix who have unfortunately had another bad round. In similar form, James ‘iCripsy’ Williams saved the day and led Brisbane Roar to a 4-3 win over the Newcastle Jets.


Adelaide United didn’t have a good week last week, but they’ve turned their fortunes around and put in two wins to see them beat Melbourne Victory 5-1. In the Sydney derby, Sydney FC managed to edge ahead of Western Sydney Wanderers to win 5-4 thanks to Mark Brijeski.


In what was probably the matchup of the night, Peter Saisanas of Perth Glory put in a strong 4-1 win over Josh Wood at Melbourne City, but not even that could stop a rampant Marcus Gomes, who dominated the game against David Cook 6-1, to give City the win.


 You can view the the top goals here and if you’re feeling greedy, can pig out on all the goals from round 2, here.


 After all the action from round 2, this is where things stand, with the Mariners, Sydney FC and Brisbane Roar leading the way.


Ladder r2
This week
Round three happens this Thursday at 8pm AEDT. The Melbourne derby will be happening, but outside of that, you’ll likely want to catch both the Brisbane Roar and Mariner’s games. You can watch the action live on Twitch, here.

League of Legends


Last Week
This was yet another week of frenetic Oceanic Pro League (OPL) action as we move on to the latter weeks of the competition and this week we saw some movement at the top of the table.


Friday was a day of david and goliath battles in the shape of Tectonic tackling the Chiefs and Sin tackling Order. Predictably, Chiefs and Order dominated the matches and took all the points.


Saturday saw two big games with Avant vs Order and Legacy vs Dire Wolves. Avant would’ve hoped to take the points to catch up to the leaders, but Order managed to shut them out of the game and win 2-0.


The Legacy vs the Dire Wolves match up was always going to be a good game… True to previous form, the Dire Wolves took game one, but Legacy managed to cripple shernfire in game 2 and proceeded to win easily. The Dire Wolves started game 3 looking very nervous and it again looked like Legacy would shut shernfire out of the game after they picked up first blood. Despite Legacy taking control of the game early on, Dire Wolves managed to claw their way back into the game and turn it around in the most entertaining game of the weekend.


Sunday started with Sin tackling the Chiefs, but the Chiefs predicably made short work of Sin taking the games 2-0. This left a bottom of the table grudge match between the Bombers and Tectonic, as both teams try to turn their league run around. Bombers took the games 2-0.


At the end of the weekend, the table is starting to really divide with Order, Dire Wolves and Chiefs 2 wins ahead of the nearest team, Legacy. Order’s great form and Dire Wolves stumble against Legacy, means that we ended the weekend with Order in the top spot on the table, on 19 points, with Dire Wolves and the Chiefs on 18.



This week
Sadly, things slow down a bit this week as we say farewell to the Friday night OPL action, but fear not, because there are some epic games happening on Saturday and Sunday from 2pm onwards.


The first game on Saturday sees Tectonic take on Avant. This should be an easy 3 points for Avant as they look to climb the standings, but could Tectonic finally end their run of bad luck? Next up Sin tackles the Bombers and it will be interesting to see if Bombers can ride the momentum from their win over Tectonic to beat Sin.


Sunday… Bloody hell does the OPL have action for us. The day kicks off with Legacy vs the Chiefs, which should be a great matchup. The betting man would put his money on the Chiefs, but this week, Legacy showed that when they’re on form, they can take the game to anyone, even shernfire, king of the jungle. The Chiefs better watch out.


The game you absolutely cannot miss is the Order vs Dire Wolves grudge match. Both teams will be desperate to secure the 3 points in this top of the table clash. With a shaky performance last week against Legacy, I’m keen to see whether nerves will play into the Dire Wolves game, or whether they bounce back stronger. Either way, we’ll no doubt see some pressure, nerves and insane APM.

Rainbow Six: Siege


Last Week
After the break because of the Six Invitational the ANZ Cup got back in full swing this week on Wednesday and Thursday. Going into the week, the teams to watch were ViewSonic.Dark Sided,Taboo, Athletico and SYFGaming and they didn’t disappoint.


On Wednesday SYFGaming and Athletico had a critical game to vie for the top of the table and it was a close matchup with Athletico winning 2-1. Athletico had a great night, riding the confidence wave to another victory over Medusa. ViewSonic.Dark Sided also faced Taboo, but this matchup was less contested, with Darksided taking the matchup 2-0.


Thursday kicked off with SYFGaming continuing their run of form, dispatching Verdict 2-0. Zero Gaming managed to pickup their second win of the week against Control eSports to quietly climb the rankings, looking like they might go from zero to hero. In a similar vein, Mindfreak R6S managed two wins on the day to rocket to the top of their group.


This week
The final round of the group stage is set to be frenetic. Group A is neck and neck, with ViewSonic.Dark Sided, Taboo and Zero Gaming all fighting for the top spot in their group.


In Group B, Mindfreak have rocketed ahead and a win will clinch them the top spot, but SYFGaming and Athletico will be doing all they can to win their games, hoping that Mindfreak manage to lose.


Most of the matches look like they’ll have fairly predictable outcomes, with the top teams looking to take the points unless there is an uspet. The game you’ll definitely want to watch is Mindfreak vs SYFgaming, as they battle for pole position in their group. Be there, or be square.


And not to be missed on Sunday is the finals, with a $10,000 prize pool up for grabs. The top 2 teams from both groups will be battling it out over a best of 3 semifinals and a mammoth best of 5 grand final. The action takes place on Wednesday from 6pm onwards and can catch the finals on Sunday at 1pm. You can catch the action live on Twitch here.



Last Week
The GFinity Challenger Series drew to a close and we now know the top 20 people that will be eligible to be drafted into the pro teams. For CS:GO, they are:


Street Fighter V


Last Week
The GFinity Challenger Series drew to a close and we now know the top 20 people that will be eligible to be drafted into the pro teams. For Street Fighter, they are:


Rocket League


Last Week
We had a double dose of competitive Rocket League this week with both the GFinity Challenger Series and the Throwdown OCE Open Series. I missed the mark in last week’s esports roundup, but fortunately managed to catch the final day of play in the Throwdown series so that I can give you the lowdown of what happened.


The Throwdown Open Series finals happened on Sunday and the 8 teams competed against each other in 5 match knockout games, in order of their final standings after the previous rounds. The day started off with Legacy vs Love Decks and Legacy went through to the next round to face Retirement Home.


Legacy followed suit in a zero to hero run, knocking out both Retirement Home and Tainted Minds before falling to the Chiefs. The Chiefs were looking every bit the pro team as they moved on to the final where they faced Dark Sided, who were highest in the series on points. Despite Dark Sided looking like the stronger team on paper coming into the game, the Chiefs they absolutely dominated the games to take the win.


Over in the GFinity Challenger Series, the action drew to a close and we now know the top 20 people that will be eligible to be drafted into the pro teams. For Rocket League, they are:



This week
As the Throwdown Open Series ends, their Championship Series begins. The Championship series is the pinnacle of competitive Rocket League in Australia, with the top teams qualifying for the RCLS World Championship, which has a monstrous $500,000 prize pool.


The series officially starts on the 18th and runs till late April, with qualifiers happening over the next two weekends. The action will start from 12pm this Sunday and you can catch the action on Throwdown’s Twitch channel.



Last Week
Despite no live audience and a secretive location, it was a big weekend for Australian esports with the HCT Sydney stop happening. It was a weekend full of big plays, wacky decks and of course, more warlocks and Tirion Fordrings than you can shake an imp at. Not to mention GhostASA’s crazy druid combo deck, that deserves it’s own article.


In the first round and subsequent winner’s bracket, Akumaker faced Hikage7 and took the win 3-0, with Jakattack facing Kin0531 and having a slightly bumpier ride by grinding the win out 3-2. Despite this, Jakattack went on to face Akumaker in round 2 and won 3-0. Hotmeowth faced angrycarp and lost 3-2, and GhostASA, the man with the craziest decks in the tournament, beat Odyssey 3-1. GhostASA went on to beat angrycarp by the same score in round 2.


Khaius took on ProfessorOak and came up short, losing 3-0. Next up, Hearthstoner only just managed to beat Waningmoon and went on to face ProfessorOak in round 2, losing 1-3. Last but not least, Ender beat Okasinnsuke 3-2, and Disdai lost to glory 0-3. Ender went on to end glory by taking the match 3-1.


This left Jakattack facing GhostASA and Ender facing ProfessorOak. Unfortunately Ghost’s decks didn’t kick in, seeing him lose the games to Jakattack and it was ProfessorOak doing the ending this time round, taking his matchup with Ender 3-1. Jakattack and ProfessorOak went on to have a very close match, with things looking even till the last game, where Jakattack got the edge.


That left the losers bracket, which isn’t worth too much attention aside from the fact that Odyssey went out in the first round and proceeded to grind out wins like a trooper. In his path of conquest he beat Hotmeowth, Hearthstoner, Kin0531, GhostASA, Ender and finally ProfessorOak 3-2 to take up a spot against Jakattack in the final. To be fair to ProfessorOak, he should really have won the final game against Odyssey, but the nerves got the best of him and landed him the unfortunate nickname #professorchoke, instead of a shot at the top spot.


The final went down to the wire, with the final game dragging out till an empty deck situation. Fortunately for New Zealand homegrown Jakattack, he wore the warlock deck down and managed to finish the game in impeccable style, with the four horseman exodia for the win.

Heroes of the Storm


This week
This week sees the start of the HGC Premier Division, and it runs over the next few months, culminating in a first prize of $16,000 and a spot at the HGC Finals at Blizzcon 2018.


The first game is on Tuesday night, but beyond that, I’ve not been able to find much scheduling or info. I’ve reached out to Blizzard and will update this when I have more info! In the meantime, you can keep an eye on their Twitter, where they have announcements, and their Twitch, where they’ll be streaming the games.



This week
Last but not least we have the Phase 6 Finals for the Oceania part of the Global Series. The action is going down on Thursday night at 7pm and surprisingly there’s not much info out there about the match, but thats the very point of the weekly esports roundup, so check back before Thursday or nudge me on Twitter and hopefully I’ll get an update with details of who’s playing and where you can watch.



And that’s it fellow kids. I think I’ve caught everything here, but if you know of anything I’ve missed, give me a shout on Twitter so I can include it. I’ll see you next week with another roundup of Australian esports.