Guess who’s, back…back again… tell a friend. I am back with this weeks Australian esports roundup!


Here’s everything that happened in the last week and everything that’s happening in the week to come! Click on your game of choice and be transported away into into esports nirvana!

















Last Week
It was the final week of the E-League, with everything to play for as the title race came right down to the wire. It was a two horse race, with Sydney led the race on 21 points and a +16 goal difference, and Melbourne on 19 and a +14 goal difference.


In the run up to the main event, we saw a few huge scorelines. The Western Sydney Wanderers picked up a 6-3 win over Adelaide United. Next up, Brisbane Roar, fell to Perth Glory, going 5-7 on aggregate. The Mariners put in a huge performance over the Newcastle Jets to go 8-2 on aggregate.


In the first of the two most anticipated games of the night, Melbourne City grinded out a 4-3 win over Wellington Phoenix, despite an admirable performance from Wellington. This moved City one point ahead of Sydney FC.


Sydney needed a win or a draw to seal the title and Melbourne Victory tried their level best to make sure they ruined Sydney’s day. It was back to back games of Samer Elbadar vs Mouad Zwed and Mouad put in a huge performance. Things came down to the frenetic final few seconds, with Mouad netting 5 goals to rival, but not beat Samer. A 5-5 draw see’s Sydney FC crowned the winners!




You can view the the top goals here and if you’re feeling greedy, can pig out on all the goals from round 8, here.


After all the action from round 9, here are the final rankings. It’s also worth noting that the group stages have amassed 1.8 million views on Twitch. Not bad for the first season!



In addition to the E-League, Marcus Gomes, Marko Brijeski and FUTWIZ Honey Badger were off in Manchester, competing in the FUT Champion’s cup. Despite an admirable run, none of them went home with the prize.


This week
The next step is the Grand Finals, where the teams will break out and the individuals will play against each other in the hunt for the Fifa eWorld Cup. There’s no information about when this is happening, but I imagine it’s a Thursday @ 8pm. I’ve reached out to the E-League and will update this when the get back to me. When it happens, you can watch the action live on Twitch, here.




Last Week
The OPL is on a break. It’s not you, it’s them. They’ll be back for split 2, which should be in June.


This week
The current champs, the Dire Wolves head to Europe for the Mid Season Invitationals and the play kicks off in early May. In other League of Legends news, ORDER are off to Korea for a bootcamp and ex Direwolves member Richard ‘Phantiks’ Su has moved on from coaching the Chiefs. I’m eager to see where he ends up!






Last Week
First up, let’s address the elephant in the room… in huge news for APAC Rainbow Six and esports in general, Fnatic has acquired Mindfreak’s R6 lineup. A huge loss for Mindfreak, but a massive achievement for the players, it’s just brilliant to see one of the top gaming organisations in the world picking up an Australian lineup. Congrats guys!



And speak of the devil, they were competing in the Season 7 APAC finals happening in Sydney over the weekend. 8 of the best teams in APAC were here in the ESL Studio’s to battle it out. From Japan, we had Nora-Rengo and Sengoku Gaming Extasy and from Korea we had Element Mystic and Latency. From South East Asia we had CryptiK and Scrypt and last but definitely not least we had Dark Sided and Fnatic!



I was lucky enough to catch some of the action live in the studio and it kicked off with on Saturday with a 2-0 win over Sengoku. Next up CryptiK picked up an equally smooth win against Latency. Dark Sided had a slightly tougher time against Mystic, but picked up a 2-1 win and Nora-Rengo mirror that score against Scrypt.


In the semi-finals, Fnatic picked up a hard fought 2-1 win vs CryptiK and Dark Sided fell 0-2 to Nora-Rengo. This put Fnatic and Nora-Rengo in the finals, which put them both through to the global Pro League Finals in Atlantic City on May 19th and 20th, where they’ll compete for their share of $275,000.


The day was however not done yet, with Fnatic and Nora-Rengo battling it out for the top seed. The ex Mindfreak boys showed just why Fnatic picked them up, taking the win with a smooth 2-0. Fnatic are the APAC Champions! Congrats!




This week
With the APAC Finals completed, we’re on a competitive break this week!


There may still be community cup action on Sunday from around 12pm onwards and you should be able to watch it here if it goes down. I’ll update this when I have more info.




Last Week
Last week started off with a bang, with a big roster reshuffle for some of Australia’s top Counter-Strike teams. First up Liam ‘Malta’ Schembri left the Chiefs, moving over to play for Grayhound. For Malta, this means the opportunity to play in the APAC S7 Pro League, which he didn’t qualify for with the Chiefs.


For this to happen though, there needed to be a spot on Grayhound and this was created by Callum ‘Burnruok’ Henderson moving over to Tainted Minds. Connor ‘Chuch’ Morgan moved on from Tainted Minds and has yet to find a new home. Last but not least, Mike ‘ap0c’ Alferis has joined the Chiefs, taking the spot that Malta left behind.







Hot off the roster changes, the teams were thrown into action in ESL APAC Pro League Season 7 Qualifiers, the IEM Sydney qualifiers and the ESL Championship Season 6! What a week.


First up, in the ESL APAC Pro League Season 7 Qualifiers, Tuesday night saw the Chiefs battle Tainted Minds for the chance at the final spot in the top 8. The first game was a near stalemate, with the game going a massive 42 rounds before Tainted Minds won out, taking the map 22-20. In map 2 they were more decisive, taking the win 16-7 to claim their spot alongside ORDER and Grayhound in the finals. The finals will happen in Dallas on May 19-20 and the teams will battle it out for their share of a massive $1 million dollar prize pool.


In the IEM Sydney qualifiers, the upper bracket saw top 8 matches of ORDER vs Taboo, Chiefs vs Corvidae, Grayhound vs Trident and Legacy vs Tainted Minds. In the first round, ORDER knocked out Taboo, and went on to face the Chiefs, who knocked out Corvidae. Grayhound beat Trident to move on to face Legacy, who beat Tainted Minds. In the upper bracket finals, ORDER and Grayhound won their matches vs Chiefs and Legacy to claim their spot in IEM! They join the monstrous lineup below. It’s going to be epic!



In the lower bracket, Corvidae and Tainted Minds beat Taboo and Trident to progress to round 2. Unfortunately this is where their run ended, with Legacy beating Corvidae and Order beating Tainted Minds. This leaves ORDER to face Legacy in the final for the last spot in IEM Sydney!



In the ESL Championship Season 6, we had action on Wednesday and Thursday night. On Wednesday, Chiefs picked up a 2-0 win over Lucky 7, with Ground Zero and ORDER mirroring that result against R!OT and Carnage respectively. On Thursday, Grayhound, Conspiracy and Tainted Minds picked up wins against Surge, Taboo and Control, and Dark Sided drew their match against Corvidae. As it stands, Order and Streamline lead their group on 8-0, and Grayhound and Tainted Minds lead their group on 7-1.


Last but not least, the list of casters for IEM Sydney was released this week and it looks like we have a few well known voices, as well as some new talent pushing up into the big stage. Great to see.



In the ESEA MDL Premier Division, and the CyberGamer Premier League we were on a break this week. 


This Week
There’s more ESL IEM Sydney qualifier action this week, with the final spot up for grabs, and a seeding match between Chiefs and Grayhound! With the new lineups going head to head, you will not want to miss this It’s happening on Tuesday from 6pm, with Chiefs vs Grayound up first and Legacy vs ORDER at 9pm, with the winner claiming their spot at IEM! You can watch it here.


We also have Season 7 APAC Pro League Qualifier Finals happening in Sydney at the ESL Studio from Friday to Sunday. The top 8 teams in APAC are battling it for 2 pots at the Season 7 Pro League Finals in Dallas. The teams participating are, ORDER, Grayhound and Tainted Minds from Australia; Flash, MVP PK and The Mongolz from China, and B.O.O.T-d[S] and Signature from South East Asia. The action should be starting around 10am and will stream on either Facebook, or Twitch.


Ahead of IEM Sydney, we have qualifiers for the ESL Womens Sydney Open happening on Wednesday and Thursday night. We have some of the top women in Australian CS playing, fighting for 4 spots at the IEM live event. Get around it! You can watch the action live here.



Over in the ESL Championship Season 6, things are on a break till after IEM Sydney. For the next two weeks it’s all about gearing up for the main event. I’ll see you there!


Both the ESEA MDL Premier Division, and the CyberGamer Premier League are also on breaks at the moment.


Last but not least, the GFinity Australia Elite Draft Showcase is happening over the next few weeks, with the winners from the Challenger Series showing off their talents to impress the drafting teams like the Chiefs. You can catch the weekly CSGO action on Sunday from 4pm AES and you can watch it here.




Last Week
It was the final week of the Throwdown Championship League play on Sunday with everything to play for, as the teams tried to qualify for the 6 spots available for the playoffs.


First up, Love Decks lost 2-3 to legs are Silly, and then 1-3 to Tainted Minds. This was a critical win for Tainted Minds, as it secured their spot, despite losing 1-3 to Legacy in their next match. This win was equally important for Legacy, who qualified for the top 2 with that win, despite, losing 1-3 to Dark Sided. Next up, Dark Sided put in a strong showing, but fell just short of beating the Chiefs by losing 2-3. The final game of the day was between JAM Gaming and Retirement Home, and Retirement Home picked up the win.


At the end of the league play, the Chiefs top the leaderboard, followed by Legacy, Dark Sided, Tainted Minds, Retirement Home and JAM Gaming. Drippay picks up the golden boot, while Jake picks up the top playmaker.


Over at the ESL, the Go4RocketLeague March Finals title was won by Weasel Mafia, who defeated JAM Light, Surge ESC, Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilico and finally Surge ESC, who clawed their way back up through the lower bracket.


On Sunday, the Go4RocketLeague Cup #75 title was picked up by Rise esports, who beat PC, Shattered Void, If we lost we lost, Bandit esports and finally CCC in the final. 



This Week
The Throwdown Championship is back this week from 11am on Sunday with the top 6 playoffs! First up, Dark Sided and Tainted Minds battle it out and that’s followed up by Retirement Home vs JAM Gaming. The final game of the day is the loser of game 1 vs the winner of game 2. You can watch the action here from 11am.


They also have their Throwdown Cup happening on Wednesday night from 7pm AEDT. Likewise, you can catch the action here.


On the ESL side, the Go4RocketLeague Cup #76 should be happening on Sunday. You can find more info here.


There’s Gfinity Australia Challenger Series is action this week. The Elite Draft showcase is happening, with the winners from the Challenger Series showing off their talents to impress the drafting teams like the Chiefs. You can catch the weekly Rocket League action on Saturday from 4pm AEST and you can watch it here.




Last Week
The ANZ Premier Division moved on to week 6 this week. On Tuesday, the night started off with a banger from Crimson, picking up back to back wins against Outlaws and QM Warriors. Next up Mindfreak (ex-Nomia) extended their unbeaten run by taking a win from Downfall.


Thursday started off in much the same way, with Mindfreak beating EmproX and cementing their spot in the HGC Intercontinental Clash! Congrats Mindfreak! QM Warriors then reversed their fortunes from Tuesday, beating Rich Gang. EmproX and Rich Gang then both faced their second loss of the night, to Aztech and Downfall respectively.


No changes in the leaderboard this week, with Mindfreak (ex-Nomia) in the lead and Crimson chasing at their heels.


This week
The Premier Division is back this week at 7.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday, you can catch Mindfreak vs QM Warriors, EmproX vs Crimson and Downfall vs Aztech. On Thursday you can catch EmproX vs Downfall, as well as a Rich Gang double bill, as they take on Mindfreak and Crimson. You can catch the games on the Blizzard ANZ Twitch.




Last Week
Friday saw the ESL Global Series Phase 8 Cup #2. As always with this league, the winners are hard to spot, but it looks like Crimson took the win.


This Week
Paladins should be back this Thursday for Phase 8 Cup #3 in the usual time slot at 7pm. Catch the action here.




Last Week
This week we had the AU&NZ Championship 2018 DOTA2 Season 1 Finals go down. In the first of the quarterfinals, N9 beat Fox Gaming and Pink beat Sugoi Squad to meet N9 in the semi’s.


This Week
In the second of the semi finals, Gei Le He Fan face Spag and Sons and Water- face Seventh Heaven. The winners will move on to the live LAN semi finals along with N9 and Pink. You can catch the action on Tuesday at 7.30pm and can watch it live on Twitch here.






Last Week
The ESL’s SMITE Global Series Phase 2 Cup 3 happened on Saturday. Proper Etiquette took the win.


This Week
SMITE’s back same time next week, Saturday at 11am AEDT. Catch the action here.




Last Week
Given the late release this week, I’m including the 5th and final week’s of the Australia Overwatch Contenders Season, last week we had action on Monday and Tuesday.


Dark Sided kicked off the day on Monday with a win over Tainted Minds. NOC Predators followed this up with a win over Alter Ego and Kanga finished off the day with a win over SereNity. On Tuesday, Masterminds beat JAM Gaming and Dark Sided picked up an important win over Blank Blue.


Yesterday, we saw the final games of the group stages, and the day started off with a free pass for Masterminds as Alter Ego forfeited. Blank Blue then picked up an all important decider win against Legacy and last but not least, JAM Gaming beat NOC Predators.


With the group stages done and dusted, Dark Sided top group A and are trailed by Blank Blue, Legacy and Kanga. In group B, Masterminds reign supreme and are followed up by the Sydney Drop Bears, JAM Gaming and NoC Predators.


This Week
Now that the league play is done, we wait for the playoffs next week. You can view the schedule here and you can watch the action live, here, but I’ll include this in my update next week.


In addition to the Contenders action, there’s also Overwatch Australia Open Division action on Saturday and Sunday this week. Play starts at 1pm on both days and you can find more info here.




Last Week
Last week we had the grand final of the ANZ Pro League Season 2. The match happened on Wednesday night and featured OSC Elite vs SYF Gaming. Based on the last time these two teams met, it was always going to be a close matchup and the big game did not disappoint.


SYF Gaming managed to grind out a 3-2 win, which mirrors the results the last time that these two met. SYF Gaming are the champions!


This Week
There’s no Starcraft action this week following the end of the Pro League Season. The next ANZ Starcraft will be taking place at IEM as part of the APAC Challenger Series. Stay tuned.




Last Week
The Call of Duty National Circuit Phase 2 playoffs and finals happened on Saturday. In the first of the semi-finals, Tainted Minds went up against Sanday and Tainted Minds picked up the win to move onto the final. Next up Taboo faced HRZM and Taboo moved on. The final was a close match, with Tainted Minds just managing to take the win over Taboo 3-2.


Congrats to Tainted Minds on the win!


This Week
We’re on a break this week locally, with the Global Pro League Relegation tournament happening in Seattle this weekend. Mindfreak and Tainted Minds are heading over to compete and while the time difference will make it tough to catch the streams, get around our teams!


Tainted Minds vs Epsilon is happening at 5am AEST on Friday and the Mindfreak match vs EZG is yet to be scheduled. Keep an eye on Mindfreak’s Twitter, where they’ll no doubt announce the time they’re playing. Should Tainted Minds or Mindfreak win their games, they’ll go on to play again on Saturday morning straya time. You’ll be able to watch it here.




Last Week
Ahead of discussing the regular league play, it’s important to mention that Avant announced their PUBG Team. Read all about it here.


We’re back with CyberGamer PUBG Squad Leagues! They have two leagues, the CGa league, which is the tier 2 division and the CGi league, which is invite only and consists of the top talent in Australian PUBG.


In the CGi league this week, Game 1’s Chicken Dinner went to Grayhound, with Trident, Athletico, Tainted Minds and Incognito making up the rest of the top 5 respectively. Game 2 was picked up by Chiefs, with Pathogen, Tainted Minds, Incognito and Athletico in spots 2-5. Game 3 was won by Trident, with Grayhound, SYF Gaming, Carnage and DZ Resurge in spots 2-5. At the end of the night, Carnage are firmly at the top of the table, followed by Incognito and Trident in 2nd and 3rd. You can view the full results here.


In the CGa league, There are more matches, so I’ll purely focus on the winners. The Chicken Dinners for the games went to Abbatoir, Extricity, Corvidae, Veterans in Pajamas, Outplayed, Osiris x2, Raging Knights White, High Octane and Fury Australia. At the end of the night, Outplayed esports are still at the top of the table, with Extricity and Sammy’s Ballbag Squad. (What a name…). You can view the full results here.


This Week
The action is back on Wednesday night and you can watch the CGi League live here from 7pm onwards.



Last Week
Over the weekend, we had the Cybergamer Premier League Street Fighter V Autumn Finals! The best of the best from Australia’s fighting game community gathered in South Australia to fight for their share of a $10,000 prize pool.


After a weekend full of hard knocks, two players rose to the final, namely Somniacs (Dark Sided) and a man rocking the jacket from Drive, ROF (Masterminds). Somniacs emerged victorious picking up the crown and the $5,000 first prize.



This Week
There’s fighting game action happening at the CouchWarriors April Ranking Battles! The event takes place in Melbourne from 10am to 10pm on Saturday and you can find all the details here.  You can also watch it on Twitch here.






Last Week
It was the Magic the Gathering Sydney Grand Prix last weekend! Sadly, I didn’t get to attend, but you can find some fantastic coverage on the event here, as well as the profiles of the top 4 teams here and the winning deck lists, here.  Fantastic event coverage from Ray ‘Blisterguy’ Walkinshaw.


In more Magic the Gathering news, Double Jump Communications hosted two awesome creator events in Sydney and Melbourne for the upcoming release Magic The Gathering: Arena, which is Wizards of the Coast’s attempt to take Magic digital. I got to get my hands on some new cards, shuffled up a few decks with some great people and most importantly try the beta for Magic Arena. Based on what I’ve seen, I’m really excited for what’s in store for MTG! Beyond that, it’s all very secret. Watch this space and come join me on Twitch where I’ll be streaming some beta over the next few weeks.



In addition to the CGPL Street Fighter Competition, there was also Ozhadou’s York Street Battle in Sydney. The action went down on Saturday and you can find the full results here.


This Week
In more IEM Sydney news, The ESL Women’s Sydney Open is coming to the Community Stage, with a $10,000 prize pool! If that sounds like something that’s up your alley, get on it! Signup here for qualifiers on April 18th & 19th, and hurry, because signups close today. (Tuesday)


This weekend it’s convention time, with Supanova in Melbourne! Nerds unite and get on down there. Find all the info you need here. In addition to all the normal comic and gaming stuff going down, Yeah Nah will battle Scarthace in the ANZ finals for Splatoon 2, as they fight for a global finals spot at E3. As if there wasn’t enough reason to get on down to Supanova! The action takes place on Saturday from 1pm and you will be able to watch it on Twitch, here.


Off the back of the recent Splatoon action going down, Oceanink Squids are opening up expression of interest for an ANZ Splatoon League. If Splatoon is your game, go check all the information out here, including signups.


There’s more GFinity action with the Elite Draft Showcase for Street Fighter V happening over the next few weeks. The winners from the Challenger Series show off their talents to impress the drafting teams like the Chiefs. You can catch the weekly Street Fighter action on Thursday from 7.30pm AEST and you can watch it here.


In Blizzard news, the World of Warcraft Arena APAC Finals are happening in Australia this year. Eight of the best teams across APAC will compete for their share of a $50,000 prize pool and most importantly, a spot at the global finals happening at BlizzCon later this year. There are four arena cups happening from May 11th onwards and you can find all the information here.


If you’re vocal chords are more dextrous than your hands, you should also be aware of GFinity’s Gift of the Gab contest, where aspiring casters and commentators can submit an entry to be one of the voices of the Elite Draft Showcase that runs over the next 3 weeks. At the end of the Elite Draft, a winner will be chosen from Dota 2, Rocket League and Street Fighter and will get to cast the Elite Series! Get around it.


A reminder that there’s the Australian Esports League’s University Cup Series happening as well. This great grass roots initiative has a league for CS:GO, Rocket League and Dota 2. The matches take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively and things kick off at 6.30pm AEST. You can watch the matches here.



And we’re done! I think I’ve caught everything here, but if you know of anything I’ve missed, give me a shout on Twitter so I can include it. I’ll see you next week with another roundup of Australian esports.