Guess who’s, back…back again… tell a friend. I am back with this weeks Australian esports roundup!


Here’s everything that happened in the last week and everything that’s happening in the week to come! Click on your game of choice and be transported away into into esports nirvana!

















Last Week
Going into last week in the E-League, it was all about the battle for second place.


First up we have the main act, Melbourne United vs the Mariners, and Marcus Gomes had a busy night, playing both legs. Despite a rock solid performance from Matthew Camilleri, who won his game 1-0, Marcus’s 4-2 win over Kiran Gupta sealed the 3 points for United and moves them up to 2nd place!


The rest of the night was a battle of big score lines and still in Melbourne, Muad Zwed took on Wellington Phoenix and took the match 5-4 on aggregate. Next up the Western Sydney Wanderers battled Brisbane Roar and despite a valiant 3-1 win for James ‘Cripsy’ Williams, a monstrous 4-0 win for Rick Tran in the PS4 leg gave the Wanderers the points.


League leaders Sydney FC were a man down this week, with Mark Brijeski out of action and Samer Elbadar playing both legs. Unfortunately, this cost them and they fell down 3-6 to Adelaide United. Zac May-Burgess added insult to injury by netting the play of the night. El. Tornado.


Finally, Newcastle Jets took on Perth Glory and after a 3-3 draw in the PS4 leg, a 2-0 win for David Cook gave Perth the points.



You can view the the top goals here and if you’re feeling greedy, can pig out on all the goals from round 8, here.


After all the action from round 8, Sydney FC are still leading the way, with Melbourne City leapfrogging the Mariners into second place. Sydney can’t afford to lose any games, because they’re now in danger of losing their top spot and you know Melbourne City aren’t too likely to drop games.



This week
Round 9 happens this Thursday at 8pm AEDT. There are no huge games on this week, but depending on whether there are any players out of action this week, we could see some movement on the leaderboard! You can watch the action live on Twitch, here.




Last Week
The OPL is on a break. It’s not you, it’s them. They’ll be back for split 2, which should be in June.


This week
The current champs, the Dire Wolves will go on to play internationally in a month. I’ll fill you in when it happens! In the meantime, have a celebratory picture.






Last Week
The ESL ANZ Pro League was on a break this week.


There was however community cup action on Saturday and Sunday, across PS4, Xbox and PC. On PS4, last week’s winners Dynamite Gaming were knocked out in the first round by Reconcile, who progressed to the finals, where they beat Cuddly Teddy Bears to take the win.


On Xbox, The23Enigma and rose through the ranks in the winners bracket, knocking out KGB esports along the way. KGB came back up through the losers bracket to face The23Enigma in the finals, but history repeated itself, and The23Enigma came out on top.


In the PC Master race cup, last week’s winners Mount Franklin were nowhere to be seen this week. Instead, it was Outlaws Black that rose through the winners bracket and they met zero to hero challengers Top Boi’s. Outlaws Black won the match and took the prize!


This week
The peak of APAC Rainbow Six esports is happening this weekend with the ESL APAC Season 7 Finals happening this weekend in Sydney. The top 8 teams in APAC are competing, with Dark Sided and Mindfreak from Australia, and they’re fighting for the two qualification spots for the Global Season 7 Finals in the US.


You’ll be able to watch it here from 10am on Saturday and Sunday. There are also live tickets available here for an absolute steal. So if you’re in Sydney, get on it and I’ll likely see you there!


There’s community cup action on Sunday from around 12pm onwards and you should be able to watch it here.




Last Week
What a week it was for CSGO! First up, the CyberGamer Premier League had their autumn finals at a live LAN event in Adelaide over the weekend. One of two casters on fire this weekend, Matthew ‘Judge’ Brand was in top form, delivering what is probably his best casting to date.


On Saturday, the upper bracket kicked of with the Chiefs defusing Taboo 16-3, whereas the Corvidae vs Dark Sided matchup was a lot more close, with Corvidae taking the win 16-13. The Chiefs went on to repeat their 16-3 scoreline against Corvidae, in a showing that made them look all but unstoppable and moved them onto the grand final on Sunday. In the lower bracket, Taboo put in a decent showing against Dark Sided, but ultimately fell 1-2.


On Sunday, Corvidae went in strong in their match against Dark Sided, as they looked for their spot in the grand final against Chiefs. Despite losing the early lead, Dark Sided dug their heels in and executed a huge comeback, to take both the second and third games and move on to face the Chiefs in the final. Sadly, for both Dark Sided and the fans, the final was anticlimactic compared to the previous series, with the Chiefs asserting dominance and going 3-0 to take the win! That said, credit to the Chiefs, what a match and what a win!


Over in the ESEA MDL Premier Division, we were on a break this week. 


Over in the ESL, we had a break  in Championship Season 6 this week because of the Season 7 Pro Qualifiers and the CGPL Finals.


Speaking of the ESL… We had the Pro League Season 7 Qualifiers for Oceania and this is how things shaped up. In the upper brackets, Order went straight for the jugular, getting a 2-0 against first Lucky7 and then the Chiefs (who beat Corvidae 2-0), cementing their spot in the LAN Finals. Grayhound did much the same, getting a clean 2-0 vs Dark Sided and Tainted Minds (who beat Legacy 2-0) to lock in their spot at the finals.


In the lower brackets, Lucky7 fell to Corvidae, who progress to face the Chiefs this week. Off the back of the Chiefs CGPL performance, I wouldn’t want to be Corvidae right meow! Legacy got in a tussle with Dark Sided and emerged victorious, going 2-1 and moving on to face Tainted Minds this week.



This Week
The ESL Pro League Season 7 Qualifiers are back this week, as Chiefs, Corvidae, Tainted Minds and Legacy battle it out to get the last spot in the LAN Finals. The games start at 6pm on Monday and you can catch Chiefs vs Corvidae and Tainted Minds vs Legacy, with the winners going on to battle each other for that precious slot. You can catch the action here.


With the CyberGamer Premier League Autumn Finals having just concluded, the CGPL is on a break this week. As is the ESEA Premier Division.


Over in the ESL Championship Season 6, you can catch the following matches on Wednesday. You can watch it here.


On Thursday, you can catch the following matches and you can catch the action here.


Last but not least, the GFinity Australia Elite Draft Showcase is happening over the next few weeks, with the winners from the Challenger Series showing off their talents to impress the drafting teams like the Chiefs. You can catch the weekly CSGO action on Sunday from 4pm AES and you can watch it here.




Last Week
It was the fourth week of the Throwdown Championship League play on Sunday, and the despite some incredible play, the MVP of the day didn’t go to Torsos or Drippay, but to Hysterics who was channeling some fire in the booth in his casting.


The day kicked off with JAM Gaming vs Legacy and Legacy proved too strong, taking the series 3-1. JAM Gaming went on to face Legs are Silly and you could say they pumped up the jam, because this time it was they who took the win 3-1.


Next up the Chiefs went to town on Legs are Silly and the Chiefs picked up an easy win, going 3-0. Retirement Home showed slightly more promise in their matchup with the Chiefs, but they failed to produce the goods and Chiefs cleaned up that series 3-0. Retirement Home went on to face Love Decks and put in a dominating performance to show there is bite behind their bark.


Last, but definitely not least, the series of the day was definitely Tainted Minds vs Dark Sided. A back and forth affair, it ended up 2-2 with a thrilling final that went into overtime and Tainted Minds managed to steal the win away from Dark Sided, after some top shelf play from Julz.


Over at the ESL, the Go4RocketLeague had a break this week.



This Week
The Throwdown Championship is back this week from 11am on Sunday with the fifth and final week of league play before the finals. This is the schedule and you can watch the action here from 11am. You’ll want to tune in for some Hysterical casting and to catch both Dark Sided matches, as they vs Legacy and the Chiefs.



They also have their monthly Throwdown Cup happening on Wednesday night from 7pm AEDT. Likewise, you can catch the action here.


On the ESL side, the Go4RocketLeague March Finals is happening on Tuesday. You can find more info here.


There’s Gfinity Australia Challenger Series is action this week. The Elite Draft showcase is happening, with the winners from the Challenger Series showing off their talents to impress the drafting teams like the Chiefs. You can catch the weekly Rocket League action on Saturday from 4pm AEST and you can watch it here.




Last Week
The ANZ Premier Division moved on to week 5 this week and the action on Tuesday night started with Crimson picking up a 2-0 win over EmproX. Next up the boys from Nomia (Now Mindfreak) picked up an expected 2-0 win over the Outlaws, and the final game of the night was a cracker of a game, with Downfall picking up a 2-1 win over QM Warriors.


On Thursday night, the QM Warriors picked up where they left off on Tuesday, but managed to reverse their fortunes, going 2-0 against Aztech. Fresh off their Mindfreak announcement, the ex Nomia boys showed Mindfreak why they wanted to add them to their rosterin the first place, picking up a 2-0 win over Rich Gang.


Next up Downfall picked up a 2-0 win over EmproX, and the night was capped off with close game between Aztech and Outlaws, with Aztech going the distance and winning 2-1.


As things stand, Nomia have started off the second half of the league just as they finished the first, in the lead, with Crimson right behind them.


This week
The Premier Division is back this Tuesday and Thursday from 19:30 AEST and with both the OPL on a break, it’s a great time to watch some HOTS. Tuesday night kicks off with a double header for Crimson as they take on Outlaws and QM Warriors. You’ll want to catch the final game of the night, as Downfall tackle Mindfreak.


QM Warriors vs Rich Gang starts the action on Thursday and that’s followed up by Aztech vs EmproX, Downfall vs Rich Gang and last but not least EmproX vs Mindfreak. You can catch the games on the Blizzard ANZ Twitch, along with the masterful casting from Skimmy and Vandie.




Last Week
Thursday saw the ESL Global Series Phase 8 Cup #1. Off the back off their recent Phase 7 Finals win, they progressed to pick up the win here.


This Week
Paladins will be back this Thursday for Phase 8 Cup #1 in the usual time slot at 7pm. Catch the action here.




Last Week
It was a quiet week for Dota, with nothing happening.


This Week
It’s the AU&NZ Championship 2018 DOTA2 Season 1 Finals and you can catch the action on Tuesday from 7.30pm. You can catch the following teams battling it out: N9, Fox Gaming, Pink, Sugoi Squad, Gei Le He Fan, Spag and Sons, Water- and Seventh Heaven. You can watch it here.





Last Week
The ESL’s SMITE Global Series Phase 2 Cup 2 happened on Saturday. The cup appears to have been taken by GGX Gang


This Week
SMITE’s back same time next week, Saturday at 11am AEDT. Catch the action here.




Last Week
Going into week 4 of the Australia Overwatch Contenders Season, we only had action on Tuesday.


The day kicked off with Kanga vs Tainted Minds and kanga punched their way to an easy 3-0 win. Off the back of their rough week last week, the Sydney Drop Bears managed to push through a strong 4-0 win over Surge, returning to their prior form.


This Week
We’re back to a busier week, as we move into the second last week of league play. The action takes place on Monday and Tuesday at 3pm and 5pm respectively.


Tainted Minds kick things off on Monday as they face Dark Sided and they’ll be keen to break their run of bad form. Next up is Alter Ego vs NoC Predators, followed by Kanga vs SereNity. On Tuesday, Jam Gaming tackles Masterminds and Dark Sided face Blank B. You’ll want to catch that last one, as it determines the leader of Pool A.


You can view the schedule here and you can watch the action live, here.


In addition to the Contenders action, they just announced the Overwatch Australia Open Division registration. If you’re keen, get on it now! Info here.




Last Week
This was the fifth and final week of the ANZ Pro League Season 2 and in the first game of the night, Rise went down 1-3 to OSC Elite. Next up, Legacy took on SYF Gaming and fell short, going 1-3. This means the league play ends with SYF Gaming and OSC Elite qualifying for the finals.


In addition to the regular league, there were OCE/SEA Open Qualifiers for the IEM Sydney leg of the World Championship Series. HuT, Azure, Yours, Demi, Crimson and NXZ all qualified for the live play at IEM Sydney.


This Week
This week, the final is happening on Wednesday at 7.30pm,with OSC Elite tackling SYF Gaming. The last time these two met, SYF Gaming narrowly picked up the win 3-2. This will be a match you’ll want to catch. It’s sure to be epic! You can watch the live stream here.




Last Week
The Call of Duty National Circuit action went down on Friday night with the final night of league play in Stage 2 before the playoffs.


The night started off with Taboo vs Deleted gaming and Taboo did a clean sweep, going 3-0. Next up SYF Gaming vs Frontline and Tainted Minds vs Rivalry went the same way. HRZM vs Sanday was a much closer affair with HRZM sneaking through a 3-2 win.


The second game of the night for Taboo, they faced Tainted Minds and picked up the win with only a slight bump, going 3-1. HRZM then faced SYF Gaming and went 3-0, and Frontline faced Sanday, and picked up another win for the night. Last but not least, Deleted Gaming beat Rivalry 3-0.


This Week
This week, we have the stage 2 playoffs happening and according to their schedule it’s happening on Saturday with the start time as TBA, but I’ll update this once I’ve asked them. In the semi-finals, Tainted Minds face Sanday and Taboo face HRZM, with the winners progressing to the final. You can watch the action here, to the silky sounds of Miles Ross voice.




Last Week
We’re back with CyberGamer PUBG Squad Leagues! They have two leagues, the CGa league, which is the tier 2 division and the CGi league, which is invite only and consists of the top talent in Australian PUBG.


In the CGi league, Game 1’s Chicken Dinner went to DZ Resurge, with Tainted Minds, Hench Kids, Azure and Vanguard making up the rest of the top 5 respectively. Game 2 was picked up by Raging Knights, with Incognito, Vanguard, Funky Monkeys and Carnage in spots 2-5. Game 3 was won by Azure, with SYF Gaming, Grayhound Gaming, Deep Space Crocodiles and Carnage in spots 2-5. At the end of the night, Carnage are firmly at the top of the table, followed by Incognito and Hench Kids who move up into 2nd and 3rd. You can view the full results here.


In the CGa league, There are more matches, so I’ll purely focus on the winners. The Chicken Dinners for the games went to Team Immunity, Corvidae, Firm Handshakes, Veterans in Pajamas, RIOT Gaming, New Genesis, JAM Gaming, Vehicle Flippers, Surge, Rejects, Extricity and Talk of the Town. Phew, that’s a lot of games. At the end of the night, Outplayed esports are still at the top of the table, with New Genesis and Surge moving up to claim 2nd and 3rd. You can view the full results here.


This Week
The action is back on Wednesday night and you can watch the CGi League live here from 7pm onwards.




Last Week
On Saturday, we saw the second of two Splatoon ANZ Qualifiers, with the winners getting the opportunity to take place in the global finals at E3 in June. 82 teams participated in 9 hard fought legs to get through to the finals.


In the upper bracket, ScarthAce progressed all the way to the finals, where they met Blue Ringed Octolings. The Octolings actually got sent down to the lower bracket in Round 3 and had to fight through 7 rounds to meet ScarthAce. ScarthAce picked up the win and join Yeah Nah, who picked up the first of the two spots last week. They will battle it out live @ the Supanova Expo in Melbourne next weekend, with the winner getting the golden ticket to E3.


In Gears of War esports, Mindfreak’s Gears of War team, participated in the Pro Circuit Las Vegas Open. They started off in the open bracket and grinded their way all the way through to the final day. They went on to crack the top 10, which given where they started was a huge showing. WP boys.


This Week
In more IEM Sydney news, The ESL Women’s Sydney Open is coming to the Community Stage, with a $10,000 prize pool! If that sounds like something that’s up your alley, get on it! Signup here for qualifiers on April 18th & 19th.


Mindfreak is also at it again internationally. Off the back of their Gears of War performance last week, their team will be competing in the Halo World Championship Finals in Seattle this weekend. The action takes place from Friday to Sunday and you can find all the details, including where to watch it, here.


There’s more GFinity action with the Elite Draft Showcase for Street Fighter V happening over the next few weeks. The winners from the Challenger Series show off their talents to impress the drafting teams like the Chiefs. You can catch the weekly Street Fighter action on Thursday from 7.30pm AEST and you can watch it here.


At this rate, I’m going to need to re-open the Street Fighter V happening category for regular updates. Cybergamer will be hosting a CGPL Street Fighter tournament, and it’s a two day, live ticketed tournament this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. You can find all the info here.


In more fighting game events news, it’s OzHadou’s York Street Battles in Sydney this weekend. The action is going down on Saturday and you can find out everything you need to know here.


If you’re vocal chords are more dextrous than your hands, you should also be aware of GFinity’s Gift of the Gab contest, where aspiring casters and commentators can submit an entry to be one of the voices of the Elite Draft Showcase that runs over the next 3 weeks. At the end of the Elite Draft, a winner will be chosen from Dota 2, Rocket League and Street Fighter and will get to cast the Elite Series! Get around it.


This week sees the start of the Australian Esports League’s University Cup Series. This great grass roots initiative has a league for CS:GO, Rocket League and Dota 2. The matches take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively and things kick off at 6.30pm AEST. You can watch the matches here. I may add this to the weekly wrap up, time permitting.


Last but definitely not least, nerds, assemble! It’s the Magic the Gathering Sydney Grand Prix this weekend. If you’re in any way a fan of Magic The Gathering. Get involved. All the details you need are here.



And we’re done! I think I’ve caught everything here, but if you know of anything I’ve missed, give me a shout on Twitter so I can include it. I’ll see you next week with another roundup of Australian esports.