It’s esports time! We’re back with this weeks Australian esports roundup!


Here’s everything that happened in the last week and everything that’s happening in the week to come! Click on your game of choice and be transported away into into esports nirvana!










Last Week
There was no FIFA esports action last week.


This Week
This week, some well known faces will be competing in the FIFA 18 Global Series Qualifier hosted by Gfinity, as they battle it out for a spot in the FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs at the end of May. Marcus Gomes, Joel Andruszkiewicz, Rick Tran and Joshua Wood will be competing live in Gfinity’s London Arena and it will be streamed live here from 8pm on Friday night.


The next Australian FIFA action after that is at the end of May when our boys compete in the Global Series Playoffs to qualify for a spot in the Fifa eWorld Cup.


That said, the man with the kontent, Cripsy is heading to Malaysia to commentate the  EA Sports Global Series Asia Qualifiers, which is similar to the E-League finals that happened recently.


Asia have done well with this short term superstar loan and the action is going down on Sunday. You can find out more about the event here, or watch it live here.


Mr Worldwide… Good luck mate!





Last Week
The OPL is on a break. It’s not you, it’s them. They’ll be back for split 2, which is in June.


First up this week, we had some fantastic news in the form of a new League of Legends Arena event! There have also been a bunch more team related announcements out of the local scene.


Despite the break in the OPL, the Dire Wolves, are over in Berlin for 2018’s Mid Season Invitational. They’re not the only faces that you’ll recognise at MSI this year, as on the broadcasting side, Raz, Froskurin, Rusty and Spawn are on the mic.


Back to the wolf pack, their run started off with an unfortunate bump in the road on Friday night as they lost to a rampant SuperMassive team.



On Saturday, they dug in their heels and showed some of the skill that made them the OPL Split 1 champs, by defeating both Rampage and KaBuM!. This left them 2-1 up at the end of the first leg, with a hopeful Sunday ahead of them.



A tale of what could have been, there were moments of brilliance, but unfortunately it was not enough.On Sunday they had a bad run, dropping all 3 games and ending their run in MSI at the group stages. You can find replays of the games here.


I can imagine that this was a bitter pill to swallow for the wolf pack, but to the Dire Wolves I’d say this: Don’t be too hard on yourselves and ignore the haters. The fans can see that how much you guys care and you carried yourselves well. Win or lose, you did us proud! Regroup, keep working hard and you’ll get them next time.



This week
Despite the Dire Wolves run ending, the Mid Season Invitational continues over the next few weeks. You can read more about it here and you can watch it live here.


And while the Oceanic Pro League is on a break, the Oceanic Challenger Series starts this week. Over the next 13 weeks, 14 teams will battle it out to earn the right to challenge an OPL team for a slot in 2019. The matches will happen on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and should stream here.


You can view the schedule, and the teams competing, here. There’s also a call out for people keen to cast the Challenger series and you can read more about that on their official announcement here.




Last Week
There was no tier 1 ANZ Rainbow Six Siege action last week, but there was GO4R6 Community Cup action! In the PS4 cup #10, SOCI3TY met Revival in the final and Revival took the win 2-1. In the Xbox cup #6, Evenity had their second week in the sun, by making their way to the final and defeating Lazer Sights R Us.


In the PC cup #23, Diamond Dropkicks progressed through the upper bracket to meet Mother of War in the upper bracket finals. Mother of War bounced right back out of the lower bracket to meet Diamond Dropkicks in the Grand Final. The Diamond Dropkicks took the win!


This week
With the APAC S7 Finals completed, we’re on a competitive break. There will be no tier 1 action this week, but you can catch the community cups on Sunday from around 12pm onwards and you should be able to watch it here.




Last Week
Two words. IEM… Sydney… 


Over the weekend, the Qudos Bank Arena was converted into an esports wonderland by the team at ESL Australia. The best Counter-Strike teams in the world descended on Sydney to compete for fame and their share of $350,000. (This will be a light summary of IEM Sydney, focused on the results, with a full review coming later this week!)


These are the teams that took part:


And this was the broadcasting talent:


IEM started well before Friday, with the group stages happening on Tuesday to Thursday at the ESL Studios in Sydney.


Coming into the event, it was all about how the local teams (and Renegades) would fare against the best in the world…. and boy did they deliver. I’m not sure whether it was jetlag or simply that the hometown heroes boosted their power levels over 9000, but there were upsets aplenty.


In group A, Renegades predictably sent Legacy to the lower bracket and FaZe and Cloud9 did the same to Order and Grayhound. Tyloo however knocked SK Gaming into the lower bracket and then went on to do the same to Cloud 9. Not to be outdone by Tyloo, Renegades sent FaZe to the lower bracket, which put them through to the main stage in the winners final against Tyloo!



In the lower bracket, the boys pushed through once again! Order won out over Legacy and much more importantly, Grayhound beat SK Gaming 2-1, eliminating them from the tournament and extending Grayhound’s lower bracket grind as they took on FaZe. This is unfortunately where both ORDER and Grayhound’s good fortune ended, with Cloud9 and FaZe clutching out 2-1 wins. It needs to be said that this was a huge performance from our teams, especially Grayhound that took the third game to overtime against FaZe.


In the Group A finals, TyLoo put in a dominant 2-0 win over Renegades and FaZe did the same to Cloud 9. This sent Renegades, FaZe and Tyloo through to the playoffs in the Qudos Bank Arena.



In group B, there was fewer upsets, but NRG made Astralis work for their first win. Mousesports, Fnatic and G2 predictably won their matches vs Dreamscape, the Chiefs and MVP. In the upper bracket, this Astralis went on to shut down mousesports and Fnatic had a closer 2-1 win over G2 Esports. This sent both Astralis and Fnatic through to the playoffs and Astralis again put in a performance worthy of the best team in the world, beating Fnatic 2-0 in the upper bracket finals.


In the lower bracket, MVP ended the Chiefs run in the tournament and NRG did the same to DreamScape. Both MVP and NRG’s hopes were then dashed when mouseports and G2 entered the fray and ended their run. In the lower bracket final, mouseports kept their good run going, knocking out G2 and claiming the final spot in the arena playoffs.



The playoffs started on Friday in front of the shoey loving crowd of the Qudos Bank Arena and the quarterfinal action kicked off with FaZe putting in a dominant 2-0 win over Fnatic. In the second match of the day, our hometown heroes the Renegades put in a valiant fight against mousesports, with a performance that will long live in the minds and hearts of Australian esports fans, but ultimately they fell to mousesports in overtime.


In the first of the semi-finals, FaZe got taken to the third game by a plucky TyLoo team, but they clutched out the win to book their place in the finals. Astralis then got pushed equally as hard by mousesports, but they ultimately won out, taking the match 2-1.



Sunday saw a showmatch between English and Australian professional players, with all the pageantry of a WWE production. It’s fortunate that the crowd had such a good spectacle, because the final was an absolute shut down by FaZe Clan. They peaked at the right time and picked up 3 consecutive wins to take the win and the $100,000 prize.



If you didn’t get to catch the action from IEM, watch this video by viRRE! To be fair, even if you did, watch this video! It showcases the very best of the action and it’s unbelievably well edited.




Not to be outdone by the guys, the women in Australia’s CS:GO community stepped up to the plate and competed in the ESL Women’s Open. The finals happened live at the Qudos Bank Arena, on the Community Stage. The four teams that qualified for the finals were Control Esports, Lil sUZI, Sydney Saints and Winky Face.


In the lower bracket finals, Lil sUZI put in a comfortable win over Winky Face, knocking them out of the competition. In the upper bracket final, the Sydney Saints put in a comfortable 2-0 win over Control Esports knocking them down to face Lil sUZI. Control then took the win and moved on to face the Saints again in the grand final.


Unfortunately for Control, the Saints simply proved too strong, shutting them down and taking the win! Congrats to the Saints. (konii91 and ).  Based on their performance, the Saints make an incredibly strong addition to the camp of teams under Guinevere Capital (Dire Wolves, Sydney Drop Bears).


Much like the Starcraft tournament, the Women’s Open was competing with the main stage action for viewers, but this is a huge step in the right direction for women’s CS:GO in Australia. I’m really proud of the hard work that the team at ESL Australia put in to make this happen.


What’s more, with the skills displayed in these highlights, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of Sydney’s top teams are knocking on the Saints door to sign these ladies up. Highlights below…



Aside from the main event that was IEM, ahead of the Gfinity Elite Series that starts in June, Gfinity announced the draft picks ahead of Season 1. Just in case you haven’t kept up to date on the Gfinity competition, Gfinity held a play in qualifier to be drafted into the pro teams as a part of the Elite Series. For CSGO, this is how the draft ended up:



This Week
There’s not much on in professional Counter-Strike this week. Check back next week 🙂




Last Week
We also had the regular ESL Go4RocketLeague Cup happening on Sunday and #78 title was picked up by Jam Gaming. They beat Default Win, Stiff Whiz Desperados, bad at game, kbm btw and the well named, If We Lose We Lost.


Ahead of the Gfinity Elite Series that starts in June, Gfinity announced the draft picks ahead of Season 1. Just in case you haven’t kept up to date on the Gfinity competition, Gfinity held a play in qualifier to be drafted into the pro teams as a part of the Elite Series. For Rocket League, this is how the draft ended up:



This Week
There’s no top tier Rocket League this week, but we do have community cup action.


The Throwdown Cup happening on Wednesday night from 7pm AEDT. Likewise, you can catch the action here.


On the ESL side, the Go4RocketLeague Cup #79 should be happening on Sunday. You can find more info here.




Last Week
There was no ANZ Premier Division action this week.


This week
Mindfreak and Crimson are off to Rio this week as they compete in the HGC Intercontinental Clash. The time zone makes this one a bit of a killer to watch this, but if you’re a huge fan (or you’re Edward Cullen), you can catch this live at 3.30am on Sunday and Monday. You can read more about it here.





Last Week
Thursday saw the Paladins Global Series Phase 1 Cup #1. Unfortunately the final results of the cup aren’t published, but I can see that Kanga, Rich Gang, Kaluko and Crimson made the semi-finals.


This Week
Paladins should be back this Thursday for Phase 9 Cup #2 in the usual time slot at 7pm. Catch the action here.




Last Week
There was no ESL Dota 2 action this week. The next action we have is at Supanova Sydney in June, where N9, PINK, Gei, Le He Fan and Water- will face off.


This Week
There’s no ESL Dota 2 action this week, but you can spend that time buying tickets for the Supanova expo in Sydney in June, where the semi finals and finals will be happening live.




Last Week
The ESL’s SMITE Global Series Summer Open Qualifier happened on the weekend.  Sadly the results are incomplete. I’ll update them when I have them.


This Week
SMITE’s back same time next week, Saturday at 11am AEDT. Catch the action here.




Last Week
There was no play off action this week because of IEM Sydney.


This Week
The Overwatch Contenders Playoffs will be happening next week!


In addition to the Contenders action, there’s also Overwatch Australia Open Division action on Friday and Saturday this week. Play starts at 8pm on both days and you can find more info here.




Last Week
The SEA/OCE live finals in the World Championship Series went down at IEM last weekend, with the region’s best players competing for a spot at Dreamhack Austin. The event was casted by Zepph, Moonglade, Pig and Maynarde.


Coming into the tournament, the players to watch were Probe and Yours, but things didn’t quite go their way.


In the upper bracket, NXZ started off strong by picking up a win against Probe; Yours picked up a win over Azure; HuT beat Demi and Seither beat Crimson. In the semifinal, NXZ caused a bit of an uspet grinding out a 2-1 win over Yours and Seither beat HuT.


In the upper bracket finals Seither knocked NXZ down to the lower bracket, where he swiftly bounced back, only to again face defeat at the hands of Seither.


In the lower bracket, Demi put in a solid showing by defeating everyone except NXZ.


Congrats to both Seither and NXZ and good luck in Austin!


This Week
There’s no action this week. You can catch Seither and NXZ in action at Dreamhack Austin in early June.




Last Week
There was no Call of Duty action this week.


This Week
We’re on a break this week, with the next international action happening on the 19th and 20th.




Last Week
In the CGa league, There are more matches, so I’ll purely focus on the winners. The Chicken Dinners for the games went to Riot, Team Immunity, Fury Australia, Outplayed, Myrmidions, Team Zen, Myrmidions, Outplayed and Dynasty. At the end of the night, Corvidae have doubled down on their move up the leaderboard and are in the top spot. Outplayed move into 2nd and Sammy’s Ballbag Squad are in 3rd. You can view the full results here.


The standings for the CGa league at the end of the week were:


In the CGi league, the chicken dinner for game 1 went to ORDER, with the rest of the top 5 made up of Trident, TLI, Avant and Pathogen. Game 2 went to Trident, with the rest of the top 5 made up of Grayhound, Vanguard, Avant and TLI.  Game 3 went to Kanga, with the rest of the top 5 made up of TLI, Carnage, Vanguard and Chiefs. You can view the full results here.


The standings for the CGi league at the end of the week were:


This Week
The Cybergamer CGi and CGa leagues are also back in action on Wednesday night and you can watch it live here from 7pm onwards.



Last Week
There was no major Street Fighter or fighting game action over the past week, but the folks over at Masterminds released the first of a series of videos called “Into the Minds” to give you insight into the Australian fighting game community. It’s a cracking video. Get on it.



Ahead of the Gfinity Elite Series that starts in June, Gfinity announced the draft picks ahead of Season 1. Just in case you haven’t kept up to date on the Gfinity competition, Gfinity held a play in qualifier to be drafted into the pro teams as a part of the Elite Series. For Street Fighter V, this is how the draft ended up:



This Week
Ozhadou’s York Street Battles are back this weekend on Saturday, in Sydney. If you’re keen about getting an insight into Sydney’s fighting game community, this is where it’s at. It’s also a good intro into FGC to decide whether you want to take the trip to Melbourne next weekend for BAM 10, which should be epic! Find out more here.




First up this week,  we have the start of the World of Warcraft Arena Cups. At the end of these cups, the top 3 teams from ANZ will qualify for the APAC finals, where they’ll battle it out for spots at Blizzcon. You can read more about it here and the action will be going down on Friday from 7pm and you can watch it here.


Next up, Legacy and the Red Cross have partnered on a great initiative. Read about it here.


An ongoing reminder that there’s the Australian Esports League’s University Cup Series happening as well. This great grass roots initiative has a league for CS:GO, Rocket League and Dota 2. The matches take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively and things kick off at 6.30pm AEST. You can watch the matches here.



And we’re done! I think I’ve caught everything here, but if you know of anything I’ve missed, give me a shout on Twitter so I can include it. I’ll see you next week with another roundup of Australian esports.