I’m back with another look at everything that happened in Australian esports last week, and everything you should be aware of in the week to come. I’m still playing catch up with all the leagues and tournaments in Australia, and this week I’ve added in the Cybergamer tournaments. Enjoy!











Fifa 18


Last Week
The E-League returned for it’s third week, but this week they hit a speed bump with Xbox Live was down when they were supposed to start broadcasting. This shifted the action a few hours back, which definitely hit their viewership, but nonetheless, the show went on.


Going into the night the main game of the night was the Melbourne Derby, between Victory and City and what a match it turned out to be. Mouad Zwed put in a strong counter attacking performance vs an under the weather Marcus Gomes and almost snuck in a draw.


Never one to disappoint, Marcus managed to fire in a winner in the dying seconds of the game to go ahead 2-1, but this put Josh Wood in a tough spot against Mouad. A goal fest of a game later and things ended up 3-3, leaving Gomes winner as the deciding goal, giving City the points.


At the top of the table, the the Mariners managed to grind out a 1 goal lead over Perth Glory to take the points and Sydney City FC took their match by a monstrous 6 goal lead, leaving both teams as the ones to watch going into week 4. The rest of the night shaped up as follows:



 You can view the the top goals here and if you’re feeling greedy, can pig out on all the goals from round 3, here.


 After all the action from round 3, this is where things stand, with the Mariners, Sydney FC and Brisbane Roar leading the way.



This week
Round four happens this Thursday at 8pm AEDT. The first big game to keep an eye out for this week will be Melbourne City vs Brisbane Roar, as they both fight to move up to 9 points and chase the leaders. The other game I’d recommend catching is the ever consistent Mariners as they face the Western Sydney Wanderers. You can watch the action live on Twitch, here.


League of Legends


Last Week
I had a ton of fun watching the OPL on the weekend. I had high expectations and I’m happy to say that I the action was even better. Both the in game action and the Juves ridiculous sideline antics offered up top not entertainment.


The action started on Saturday with Tectonic tackling Avant and with no disrespect to the boys from Tectonic, Avant predictably dismantled them and took the series 2-0. Hot on their heels, Sin squared off against the Bombers and while they dropped a point, the Bombers extended their run of good form, taking the series 2-1.


Sunday kicked off with Legacy trying to turn around last week’s result against the Dire Wolves, but unfortunately for them they went up against the Chiefs, who put in another near faultless performance to take the win 2-0 and show why they’re one of the top esports teams in Australia. This left the big match of the day, Dire Wolves vs Order.


After a shaky performance last week left a dent in Shern’s confidence, the Dire Wolves appeared a lot less jovial and energetic before game one, looking positively nervous. This energy continued into game one, where Order got the best of the draft and dominated the game. Not ones to lie down and give up, the Dire Wolves returned with stern expressions and managed to turn game 2 to take us into a thrilling third game…


And what a thrilling game it was. The last game balanced on a knife edge, with a few big team fights that could’ve gone either way. Ultimately, the Dire Wolves managed to get the best of the team fights and correct their mistakes from the first game to win 2-1.


At the end of the weekend, Chiefs move to the top of the table, with a whisker of a 1 point lead over both Order and the Dire Wolves, who are snapping at their heels. Behind them we see Avant rising above Legacy in the rankings to move into the fourth spot.



This week
This week we move onto the second last of the group rounds and things really get interesting now with the battle at the top of the table.


First up on Saturday, Legacy tackles Order and it will be critical for Order to pickup all 3 points. Legacy will however desperately try to put a spanner in the works. This should be the game of the weekend, so don’t miss it. Next up is Avant vs Sin and it will be interesting to see whether they can continue their run of form.


On Sunday, the Dire Wolves face Tectonic and the Chiefs face the Bombers. For both of the Dire Wolves and the Chiefs, there will be an incredible amount of pressure not to lose, so tune in for some nervy plays and some proper underdog fight from Tectonic and the in form Bombers. It’s going to be big.


The action takes place from 2pm on Saturday and Sunday and you can catch the action here.


Rainbow Six: Siege


Last Week
Coming into last week, there was a serious battle for the top two spots in each group ahead of the semi’s and finals on Sunday… and man was this close.


In group A, ViewSonic.Dark Sided, Taboo and Zero gaming all won their matchups, putting all three teams on 18 points, with score difference deciding who made it through. Sadly for Zero gaming, they drew the short stick, as Dark Sided and Taboo progressed to Sunday.


In group B, the huge SYFGaming and Mindfreak matchup went the way of SYF Gaming and Athletico managed to win their matchup, also ending group B in a three way tie to be decided on score difference. This time it was Athletico that was sent packing, as SYF and Mindfreak progressed.


Sunday brought all the action and the matchups between Mindfreak and Taboo, and Dark Sided and SYF Gaming went down to the wire, both going into the final game before being decided. Mindfreak and Dark Sided emerged victories and set up a huge final, with Mindfreak, the reigning champions, hoping to clinch the victory. That’s exactly what they did shutting the final down 3-0.


Huge congrats to Mindfreak and enjoy the $7,000.


This week
There will be some APAC Pro League Season 7 Qualifiers happening on both Saturday and Sunday from 11am onwards and you can catch the action here.



Last Week
A new addition to this series are the Cybergamer leagues and for CS:GO this means the CGPL. This week was the third week of the league, and with the action going down on Monday and Tuesday, they’re going to push me to get this weekly wrap done faster!


Coming into the week, the Chiefs, Grayhound Gaming and Corvidae were looking strong, having not dropped a game. Both of Monday’s games were set to be huge, with Grayhound vs Athletico and Chiefs vs Corvidae. Grayhound was first out of the gates and put in a strong performance, going 2-0 to pickup the points.


With both teams eager to deny their opponents the 3 points, both Chiefs and Corvidae were going to be eager and nervous going into this game. The Chiefs kept their composure and shut things down 2-0 to take the points.


On Tuesday, Dark Sided took the game to Avant, taking the win 2-0 and Taboo drew level with Ground Zero.


This left the Chiefs and Grayhound leading the rankings, with Corvidae close behind having only lost to the Chiefs.


This Week


This is the midway point of the league as we enter week 4. The action kicks off on Monday evening (sorry, I’m late) with Taboo vs Athletico. Next up is a game you’ll want to catch as Chiefs battles Ground Zero. Chiefs should take the points, which would give them a great shot at finishing top of the rankings.


Tuesday will have two big games as both Grayhound and Corvidae hope to pickup the points against Dark Sided and Avant.


But wait there’s more! The ESL ANZ Championship kicks off proper this week. The action kicks off on Wednesday night at 7.30pm and you can watch it live here. Make sure you get on this, as the best teams in ANZ will be represented.


Street Fighter V


This Week
There’s little major Street Fighter esports going on this week, but if you’re in Sydney and into fighting games, get on down to OzHadou’s York Street battles. It’s happening on Saturday and you can find all the details here.

Rocket League


This Week
This Tuesday night there is some ESL action in the shape of the Go4RocketLeague Oceania February Finals. 8 Teams will face off fro 5:30pm and you can find more details here.


Later in the week, you can catch the play in qualifier for the Throwdown OCE Championship. The action starts at 12pm on Sunday and you can watch it here. You can also find more information here.




This week
Unfortunately, not much is happening in Australian Hearthstone action this week!

Heroes of the Storm


This week
It’s the second week of the ANZ HGC Premier Division. The action is on Tuesday and Thursday night from 7.30pm and you can see the matchups here.



You can catch the action live here on the Blizzard ANZ Twitch, where they’ll be streaming the games.



This week
There’s more Australian Paladins action happening this week. It’s happening on Thursday night from 6pm. Again this week, there’s limited information about the matchups, but you can hop onto their Discord on the night to get more info here.



Dota 2


This week
Not to be outdone by League of Legends, Dota 2 is back in Australian esports this week with the ESL Season 1 Open Qualifier Cup.


The action kicks off at 6:30pm on Tuesday night and while there’s not much more available about the schedule, you can catch the action live on Twitch here.


And that’s it fellow kids. I think I’ve caught everything here, but if you know of anything I’ve missed, give me a shout on Twitter so I can include it. I’ll see you next week with another roundup of Australian esports.