There are few movie characters more cool than ‘the driver’ in Drive and few jackets as cool as his scorpion bomber jacket. I put the Steady Clothing Drive jacket through it’s paces. It’s a jacket fit for a king… A king of cool.


If you’ve seen the movie Drive, you no doubt fell in love with the undeniable coolness of Ryan Gosling’s character. That character wouldn’t be the same without his iconic Drive jacket and we’re in luck, because Steady Clothing have recently started making them again. In this review, I give you a detailed look at the jacket, so you can get the buyers experience before dropping your hard earned cash on it yourself.


Steady Clothing are based in the US and make vintage styled clothing, like oversized bowling shirts, like the ones you may know from The Big Labowski. They make two versions of this Drive jacket, namely the original ivory coloured jacket like Ryan wears in the movie, as well as a black version with a blue scorpion. Despite there being many cheaper copies on places like Ebay, I chose to go with Steady’s version of the jacket because they’re the only one attaching their brand to the jacket. This gave me a bit more confidence about the quality of the jacket, as I didn’t want to buy a glorified Halloween outfit that would fall apart after a few adventures.

Looks and Quality
When it comes to how close this looks to the one Ryan wears in the movie, I think Steady have done a fantastic job. I think it would be really hard for this jacket to look any better without taking the jacket out of Ryans wardrobe, which I’m sure he wouldn’t like. The colour of the material is spot on and everything is pretty much in line with the movie. When it comes to the quality, I think I need to leave you with a word of caution. This definitely isn’t a leather jacket and you’ll need to look after this jacket. The threading, especially in the diamond pattern looks like it may loosen and there are already a few loose threads after a few wears. This could just be a product of the materials that are used, but it’s important for you to know that ahead of buying it. The only real thing I’d pick at is the quality of the zip. It works, but it’s not as smooth as it could be.






Fit and Sizing.
I’m 6’4 and weigh about 100kg and I got an XL. You can see how the Drive jacket fits me, but it’s pretty snug, especially around the back, which is exactly what I was after. The arms are nice and long, which I really appreciated and you can see the sizing chart on Steady’s website to measure what size jacket you should order. If you’re ordering this jacket for a girl, be warned that the jackets may be too big! I got an XS  jacket for my girlfriend who’s about 155cm tall and it’s much too big for her.



The Verdict. 
I’ll assume that you found this review because you’re looking into buying the jacket and want to know whether it’s worthwhile. In short, yes, go and get this jacket! You won’t regret it. If you’re only discovering this jacket now, by sheer luck, it’s a real statement piece and adds some real character to any wardrobe.


For me, I’ve never had this many compliments on any item of clothing and I own far more expensive items of clothing than this jacket. Those that didn’t know the movie just thought it was a cool jacket and for those that did, they were shocked and then very excited and envious.
So get this jacket, put on Night Call and shift your coolness into a new gear.



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  • Material feels great. Fit's well too.
  • Looks true to the movie.
  • Looks fantastic. You'll turn heads.


  • Loose threads. Quality control please.
  • The zip could also be better.