UPDATE: Another day, another mass shooting, this time at a gaming competition. People were senselessly murdered because someone that was unstable, had access to weapons that enabled them to make too many mistakes, too quickly, and before the situation could be disarmed. This is not about race, background, hobbies or personal interests. It’s about guns and this, like all mass shootings, could have been avoided.


In light of the barrage of global media attention that this will get, I feel like my rant I wrote a few months back is more relevant than ever. It was written in anger, so bear with it. It will likely do very little in the grand scheme of things, but at the very least it helps me cope with how I feel when I think of this happening in my community, at one of the gaming events I go to regularly. There’s a go fund me page up for the victims. I encourage to give what you can. Show the world what our community is really about. /Graeme



Or as this article should be titled, ‘Fuck you, old white guy’… Another day, another tragic mass shooting in the US, this time in Kentucky. In sadly predictable news, Governor Matt Bevin and Trump have done the NRA a solid and placed the blame on video games. Guys… we all know that video games are not your problem.


Now before I get started, let me say this. My article is not about the senselessness of this tragedy and the loss of human life. I hope that it’s obvious that my deepest condolences go out to the children, teachers and families affected by these horrible acts and I wish we lived in a world where these kids didn’t face mortal danger, simply by going to school. Hell, schools are difficult enough to navigate as it is.


I’m also incredibly proud of the statements by some of the affected students. This gut wrenching speech by Emma Gonzalez stands out and cuts through the political noise that has come to surround these tragedies. It’s inspiring to see the youth being more level headed and inspiring than the government that’s supposed to look after them. To the children affected: I hope that soon, your government does their job. 


I would try to help, but alas, I’m on the other side of the world, in Australia, and have my hands full battling spiders and sharks. I also don’t have the power to take away all the guns. Would that I could… For now, I’ll pick up the pen and hopefully my words can do some good.


Let’s get the gun control elephant out of the way so I can talk about games, which unlike guns, is an area I know a lot about. Regardless of whether you’re a scared student; a concerned parent; Matt Bevin or even the mighty Trumposaurus Mex; the only acceptable thing to say after a tragedy like this should be, “what can we do to make sure this never happens again?”. At least, that’s what you’d think, right?


So what needs to happen? Get rid of the weapons, or at least the automatic ones. Civilians don’t need guns, let alone automatic ones. There is no just cause to keep them and there is no debate to be had. It really is that simple. That’s it, get rid of them… and no, more guns is never the answer. Teachers are not soldiers and we don’t want weaponised drones in schools. Do you want Skynet? This is how you get Skynet.


Unfortunately, the standard response is not one of “gimme your guns”. Instead we get platitudes, thoughts, and prayers, all of which can get fucked as far as I’m concerned. We’d have better luck waiting for Dumbledore to return from the dead and sort out the mass shootings for us.


According to Matt, it’s not a gun problem, it’s a culture problem… and I’d be a lot more open to listen to this argument, were Matt not the poster child for the National Rifle Association. Like many politicians in the US, Matt is funded by the NRA and this tweet is a great example.


No matter how noble ones intentions, it’s just impossible to take anything someone in that position says seriously when the NRA is lining their pockets. Based on the fact that Matt is so dead set on the fact that guns are in no way a problem, it just adds to the skepticism about him being impartial.


Again, if no one had automatic weapons, this wouldn’t be happening. Sure, homey can break out a glock and go full gangsta style, but he’ll only inflict so much damage. Better yet, give homey only a crocodile dundee knife and see how he fairs. Discussion about gun control over.


If we look past the guns at what else can be done, I believe Matt does have a point. The youth in the USA does have a cultural problem. Now bear with me, I haven’t lost my mind. I recently said as much in my article about swatting after the Wichita incident.


You have idiots like the Paul brothers and an army of mumble rappers as the role models for a generation. You also have a scarcity of good parents, with most kids getting questionable parenting at best and a total lack thereof at worst. The gucci gang fueled cocktail of brain numbing media, terrible role models and a lack of discipline is going to lead to trouble, but not to mass murderers.


If you look at the kids committing these acts, they are damaged, unbalanced individuals. They are the product of all of the above and mental instability. The latter being the real danger here. You can’t use logic to deal with extreme, mentally unstable individuals. In this case, the other students had warned the authorities that this kid was unbalanced and dangerous, but little good that did them.


When it comes to stopping future incidents like this, Matt suggests opening conversation about how to solve the issues with the troubled youth in America. While I believe this has merit, what happens in the 2, 5 or 10 years it will take to see change? How many more children will be slaughtered because of a mentally unstable child that can easily access an automatic weapon.


I believe the only way to go is to play to society’s lowest common denominator and work around them. If there’s a small percentage of your population that is abusing guns, either committing mass murder at a music festival or a school, then no one can have them. Given that there’s literally no need for them in the first place… it makes for a pretty selfish argument to keep them.


The fact that the Trumposaurus Mex sat through talks with people affected by these shootings and suggested again that video games are to blame and that the answer could be issuing teachers the right to carry a concealed gun, is just ludicrous. Fortunately for us, even those with guns are starting to see the light and I commend people like the man in this video, even if he is not the reason the guns need to be controlled. Hopefully it’s the start of a change in the mindset of gun owners.



Ok, enough about guns and unstable children. This site is called Gaming For The Weekend, not Shooting, or Instability For The Weekend. 


I decided to weigh in on this because of Matt Mex’s (as I’ll now call him) use of the tired rhetoric that games lead to these violent crimes. Let’s cut to the chase, you know that your gun loving audience will eat that right up, as if they’re starving and you just served them a gourmedt dinner.


Now games, they mean a lot more to me than guns. Games actually have a positive impact on the world, as opposed to the precious guns you and the NRA work so hard to keep in the population. They have the ability to inspire, to educate, to bring people together and contrary to your uneducated opinion, they don’t cause mass shootings.


Don’t believe me? Look at Australia, it’s practically the USA, only with more dangerous animals. Despite all those dangerous animals, Australia got rid of the guns after the Port Arthur shooting in 1996 and the result is 0 mass shootings in the 22 years to follow. Guess what Australia has in abundance? Everything that the US has, including video games. Argument over, case closed. At this point, doing anything other than removing the guns is basically an act of murder by the government as far as I’m concerned.


I’d like to think of myself as a typical gamer. I love playing games and have done so pretty much as far back as I can remember. The majority of the games I play are also multiplayer and require people to be properly socialised. Like any other sane person, gamers are able to distinguish between a game and real life, which is why you only find those that are already mentally ill committing these crimes. Across the board, blaming games is just plain wrong and my passion, games, also can’t be used to kill anyone. Wish I could say the same thing for guns.


I’m angered by your words, because your actions will affect what parents and the older generation thinks of games, gaming and gamers. When I was a kid and went through difficult times at home, the gaming community was an important escape that I needed. Your biased, thoughtless comments may stop parents from allowing their children to have the same experiences.


If this article finds it’s way to any parents in Kentucky, or anywhere else for that matter, that are worried about their child being interested in gaming, please, go to a gaming convention and meet the community. I’m sure you’ll discover a group of intelligent, kind people that you’d be proud to call your child.


The simple truth is that everyone, even the most stable of us, can have a bad day, or make a bad decision. Those decisions should never have life or death consequences.


And last but not least, Matt Mex… Remember this: the rest of the world has video games, popular culture, and sadly even mumble rap, but what they don’t have is mass shootings. What do you think is the underlying difference…


Shame on you. Shame. Shame. Shame.



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