It is time! IEM Sydney is here and the finest teams in the world descend on the Qudos Bank Arena this weekend. The event runs from Friday to Sunday and includes the IEM Sydney main event, as well as a few other tournaments, happening on the ESL Community stage.


There’s also a bunch of exhibitors showing off more wears than you can shake a khajit at. If for any reason you won’t be able to attend the event, the IEM Sydney action will be streaming here and the Starcraft WCS action will be streaming here.


Also, probably the most important bit of IEM, hometown heroes, Renegades return and take the stage at 7pm on Friday. YEAH THE BOYS! Get around them.







These are the teams you can see in action on the main stage this weekend. Unfortunately none of the local teams made it, but at least we have Renegades still flying the Aussie flag.



Ranking: #1
Next Match: Saturday, Semi-Finals, Opponent will be Renegades or mousesports

Ranking: #4
Next Match: Friday, Quarter Finals, VS Fnatic



Ranking: #3
Next Match: Friday, Quarter Finals, VS FaZe

Ranking: #22
Next Match: Saturday, Semi Finals, Opponent will be FaZe or Fnatic



Ranking: #5
Next Match: Friday, Quarter Finals, VS Renegades

Ranking: #16
Next Match: Friday, Quarter Finals, VS mousesports









In Group A, Renegades and Tyloo caused upset by sending Faze and Cloud9 to the lower bracket, as they locked in their spots in the main event. In the lower bracket, local heroes Grayhound and ORDER showed their potential, by knocking out SK Gaming and taking both Cloud9 and FaZe to overtime in game 3. Faze went on to beat Cloud 9 and lock in their main stage slot.



In Group B, things were a bit more predictable. In the upper bracket, Astralis and Fnatic locked in their spots in the main event. In the lower bracket, mousesports knocked out MVP and G2 knocked out NRG, with mousesports claiming the final slot in the main event.



The doors to the Qudos bank arena open around 12pm every day, with access to the main arena as listed below.



In terms of the matchups, this is how it will be going down. You’ll want to catch the hometown heroes, the Renegades on Friday @ 7pm. YEAH THE BOYS!





Outside of the main event, there are a few other great events you should know about. The ESL Community will play host to both the Starcraft World Championship Series OCE Season 2 Finals and the ESL Women’s Sydney CS:GO Open. Here’s all the information you’ll need!









Depending where you’re travelling from, make sure you leave enough time to get to the event. I assume most people will be travelling by train, and if you’re travelling from Central Station, the easiest way to get to Olympic Park Station is taking a train to Lidcombe and then changing to Olympic Park.


Once you get to Lidcombe, you’ll want to walk over to platform 0 to catch the train to Olympic Park. Ask someone if it’s not clear where it is! You can also look at the Sydney Trains route planner here. Just make sure to update the date and time that you want to travel.












The main tip I have for you is to make use of your time at IEM! It’s basically IEM and PAX in the gaming calendar every year where many people congregate. Your favourite streamer, player or writer may very well be lurking around, so don’t miss your chance to say hi! Want to know who’s at IEM? Click here and explore!


Also, the Qudos Bank Arena likes backpacks less than you like Grayhound losing to FaZe. Don’t bring one! (or if you do, you’ll need to check it in. Don’t resist, it’s safe and they’re not going to budge on the rules!)


If you’re after a general FAQ, jump onto the IEM Website here.


…and last but not least, what does everyone need? Food! There’s food at the Qudos Bank Arena and if you’re wondering where to eat after IEM each day, eat like a Korean at the home of champions… Stra BBQ.