You’re here, so I assume you’re after the best of all the happy meals… the Victory Royale! Welcome to the Gaming For The Weekend guide on how to win at Fortnite Battle Royale! (or at least get really really ridiculously close)


If you’re new to the game, or are considering getting into it, definitely check out my review of the game here first. I’ve also done a guide on how to get a tasty chicken dinner in PUBG if you play that and there are many similarities between the two.


I’ll walk you through a few of the strategies I think are key to surviving till the top 10 and taking a bite out of that tasty Victory Royale. Be warned, there won’t be any rocket riding tips here, as these tips are aimed at the average player, not the pros 🙂


Where do I get off telling anyone how to play the game? I’ve logged about 50 hours in Fortnite Battle Royale and I end up in the top 10 in most games. I’ve also cracked the top 5 regularly and won. Disclaimer: I’m really bad at shooting things, which usually let’s me down when the circle closes in at the end, but the fact that I can make it to the final stages of the game means I have a solid strategy and some good decisions.



1. Play it safe

If you listen to only one thing in this guide it would be to play it safe. Sadly you’re not Rambo and if you thank are, you will die a quick and painful death. If your goal is to make it to the final stages, avoid other players unless you’re forced to get into a firefight. Only pick a fight you’re pretty sure you can win.


2. Pick a quiet spot to land

Avoid any of the busy areas like the Titled Towers, Retail Row, the Dusty Depot or the Salty Springs. These areas have lots of guns, but that also means they’re hot spots for lots of players. Instead, aim for a smaller spot with two or three houses that’s not directly under the path of the bus. Don’t forget that you can open your glider early to travel further. I often aim for a spot on the edge of the map, far from the plane. When you open your glider, look around you to see if there are any players close by and either avoid them or land quicker and get to the guns first.


3. Avoid unnecessary confrontation

Remember that Rambo guy? Hed sprint towards enemies guns blazing the moment he saw someone. You are way smarter than that. Getting into early firefights wastes valuable time you could be spending hunting for guns and items. Instead hang back and let your enemies kill each other first. Why do all the hard work yourself? This is also true towards the end of the game, when the circle starts closing in, try to find a good corner to hide and let the others pick each other off, emerging when there’s 1-2 others left.


4. I.. like… big… guns and I cannot lie…

This should be painfully obvious, but get a gun as fast as you can. Without one you’re as good as dead. Generally any gun will do, but you’ll want something that has more range than a shotgun or sub-machine gun, or you open yourself up to being killed easily in the open.


5. Use your consumables

It’s not immediately clear how consumables work, but they can be the difference between life and death! You can pickup and use shields or slurp juice immediately, freeing up your inventory slots for other items. You should always try to have 100 shields if you can. You’ll also want to keep some bandages or a med-kit handy. Last but not least, do not use the bush! Despite seeming like a great idea, it really limits your ability to see.


6. Use the landscape to your advantage

Cover is important. When moving around the map try to avoid wide open paces and stay close to trees or buildings. In much the same way, use hills or gullies to hide your movement. The less you can see, the less chance there is that you’ll be seen. This becomes even more important if you’re running away from an enemy. Put obstacles in the way so that you stay out of their line of sight, and never put your back to your enemy. In general, you want to try keep people from approaching you from the back whenever you can, which becomes increasingly important as the circle gets smaller.


7. Shut up… just shut up, shut up.

Remember how we were going to avoid confrontation? Keep an ear out for gun fire or building noises and avoid the source either. Likewise, be smart about when you build or shoot at someone. Doing either will attract a lot of attention, so shoot only when you must and build only when you really need to, like getting to chests.


8. And keep your head down!

You’re a lot easier to spot when you’re sprinting around or building large towers. When the circle starts shrinking, if possible, move to the final stages by crouching. Also, when the circle starts closing, be smart and either hug the edge of the circle, or get to the centre of it and find a good camping spot. Either of these should allow you to minimise the chances that you’re caught out in the open.


9. Keep your eye on the circle

Dying outside of the play area is really a silly way to die, but it’s surprisingly easy to do. Don’t lose track of time while you’re foraging for weapons only to realize that you have no hope of getting inside the circle in time. Additionally, when things get heated as the circle get’s smaller, don’t get stuck in a firefight, only to realize that the circle is about to close on you.


10. To build or not to build, that is the question

Last but definitely not least, if you watch most streamers or just observe others while playing the game, you’ll see people building big showy towers. Towers can be great to protect you and give you a chance to pick off players from your ivory tower as they skirmish, but they also make you very visible. Not only that, but you can also get stuck in your tower outside the circle. It can be pretty handy to hide, then waiting for someone to leave their tower, then get them.



Lastly, watch out for the barrage of rockets from the top of the late game towers and stealth for the win! Using these tips, you should hopefully get closer to that tasty Victory Royale. GFTW Out…