Video game history was made today. Drake, (Yes, Hotline Bling Drake) and Ninja live streamed Fortnite on Twitch and it just about broke the internet.


Fortnite has been killing it, recently surpassing even the mighty PUBG in terms of concurrent players. One of the many Youtubers along for the momentous rocket ride, Ninja has been blowing up and breaking records on Twitch, but today he’s gone further than even I thought possible.


There were rumblings that he’d grown so big, that rapper Drake was following him. One thing led to another… I believe Ninja called him on his cell phone, and just like that, the two were playing duo’s and streaming it on Twitch. Yes, that’s right… Drake was playing games with Ninja on Twitch.



But it didn’t stop there, with KimDotCom, Travis Scott, Logic, Lil Yachty and Ju Ju getting involved. How did gaming rapper extraordinaire, the D-oh-double-gizzle not get in on this?


An event that’s making video game history, the stream broke over 630,000 concurrent views on Twitch (At the time of writing this), with an equally high consistent number of viewers. It also dominated global Twitter trends.



Shortly after starting, a scheduled maintenance warning popped up in the lobby and Ninja quipped “Epic, the real question is, do you really want to take these servers offline right now? Your move..”. KimDotCom signed off with, “everyone watching, Tweet this shit, let’s get it to the million viewers”. Something tells me that servers weren’t going to go down…



There was even a cheeky quip from Post Malone, declaring that PUBG is better.


I can’t believe that Epic wasn’t involved in this, but regardless, it’s a great day for gaming. If as I think, they were responsible, then it’s a stroke of absolute marketing genius.


When Ninja asked Drake whether he should have a Red Bull or a beer, Drake said “Naw man, you gotta have a drink. Take that edge off”. Hell, if I was Ninja, I’d have been on cloud 9. It would’ve been easy for Ninja to be overshadowed in an exchange like this, but he held his own, like he was just playing with a group of his friends. Well played. (go and watch his stream)


No doubt he’ll be inducted into mainstream celebrity circles with Drake and will hopefully become a more mainstream celebrity himself, which is something that’s hugely deserved, given his dedication to the gaming creator grind.


As a gamer, this mainstream exposure for gaming means a lot to me and this gave me a little rush of adrenaline and happiness much the same as an in-game Victory Royale would. To everyone that was involved, Epic, Drake, Ninja…. thank you. This means a lot.


You’ve gotta wonder whether this was all part of God’s Plan… and in the words of Ninja… DRAKE, MAN, YOU GOTTA CARRY IT!