As the Gfinity Challenger Series draws to a close this week, the first two teams for the Gfinity Elite Series have been announced. Two Australian esports stalwarts, Avant and the Chiefs have launched Melbourne Avant and Sydney Chiefs to compete in the competition.


These two teams will be competing against 4 additional city based teams in the Gfinity Elite Series and it wouldn’t surprise me if names like Order, Legacy and the Dire Wolves join the fray.


The teams will compete in Rocket League, CS:GO and Street Fighter V and this means uncharted waters for these two teams, as they’ve mainly competed in League of Legends and CS:GO to date. This will mean new pro players for these esports organisations to compete in the new games.


In addition to the new pro players to bolster their ranks for Rocket League and Street Fighter, the best of the best from the Challenger Series will be drafted into the new city based esports teams.


Aside from bragging rights, the Gfinity Elite Series comes with a massive $450,000 prize purse.


With money like that up for grabs, games are no longer child’s play.