Much like when your favourite band returns from a hiatus, or when it’s IEM Sydney time of the year… its time to be overjoyed! I’m back!


Welcome to a slightly rebranded ANZ Esports Roundup. This is the “where the fuck have you been Graeme” edition. A new name also brings a slightly new format, as some games fall out of favour (Paladins and Smite) and and other games enter the limelight (I hear Fornite memes are how you get traffic these days). Here’s hoping this all goes down better than the Mammoth rebrand. No shade.


A move, and a void in internet, and a new cat later… I have a new home, some of Malcolm’s finest NBN, and a so… much…esports! We’ve had BAM10, the opening weeks of GFinity’s Elite Series, the RLCS World Championships and a whole lot more. Bloody hell mate.


So without further ado, here’s a few of the major things that happened across the last month and everything that’s happening in the week to come! Click on your game of choice, or simply scroll through it and let me hit you with some knowledge.
















The past few weeks
Our boys were over in Amsterdam for the Fifa eWorld Cup Global top 128 Qualifier, fighting for one of the 32 spots at the eWorld Cup Finals. If you’ve followed the E-League at all, these names should be no surprise! On the Xbox side, we had Sam and Marcus, and on the Playstation side we had Josh and Rick. In addition to this, we also had Harry (Honey Badger) from across the pond repping New Zealand.


The playoffs happened at the end of May and across the board, our boys came really close, but ultimately fell short just before the goal. Josh had a rough run, losing all his games, but Rick, Samer and Marcus all had respectable results, picking up a few wins a piece. How close they came and just what this means can be seen with Marcus’ Tweet after he got knocked out.



It wasn’t all doom and gloom though! Another familiar face from the E-League, everyone’s favourite Fifa analyst, Honey Badger had a fantastic showing! He proved to be a sleeping giant, who roused from his slumber and picked up a top 16 finish, guaranteeing him a spot in the top 32 and a shot at the eWorld Cup title, which will happen in August. Here’s the final results from the qualifiers.



Outside of the international action, Nate Patrick, who you’ll recognise from the E-League has just launched N8 Esports. It’s based in the esports High Performance Center at the Sydney cricket ground, and aims to give Australia’s FIFA pro’s top shelf facilities and support, to give them the tools they need to take their play to the next level.


There’s a great write up about Nate and his ambitions here.



This Week
There’s no local Fifa action for the near future, with the next major event happening in the start of August. That said many of your favourite players have started streaming on Twitch, so go get your Fifa fix there. If you don’t know where to start, head straight to Cripsy’s channel.




The past few weeks
May was generally a quiet month for Rocket League, but much like a sneaky top corner shot that catches you by surprise, the start of the GFinity Elite Series and the RLCS global finals came out of nowhere!


First, lets look at the domestic action! The Throwdown Championship is on a break until Season 6, but fortunately we have the GFinity Elite Series filling the gap.


The Elite Series has just completed it’s second week and is running until mid-July. It comprises of 6 teams, battling head to head with a mixture of already professional players and emerging professional hopefuls, that earned their spot through qualification in the Challenger Series.


Before I dive into the results, it’s important to explain the teams and how they work. Certain teams have loaned another team’s players / roster for the Gfinity Elite Series. Good examples of this are that Perth Ground Zero’s Rocket League team is loaned from Legacy and the ORDER lineup is loaned from Dark Sided. For the teams compiled solely for this competition, like Sydney Roar or the Brisbane Deceptors, they players are all draft picks from the Challenger Series.


The one thing worth mentioning is a distinct lack of the Tainted Minds boys, who currently the second best Rocket League team in Australia. After their amazing showing at RLCS, I’d hoped that they’d be appearing under another name, but alas it’s not to be.


With that said, this is how the results turned out over the first two weeks. At the top of the standings we have Ground Zero, The Chiefs and ORDER and at the bottom are Deceptors, Avant and Roar. Ground Zero’s standing is really not surprising, given it’s effectively the 3rd best roster in Australia, with the top two teams away at RLCS. The Chiefs are definitely a team to watch, given they’re already 6-0 and their star players haven’t even touched a controller.



Here’s a few of the highlights from last weekend.


But enough about the GFinity Series, we need to talk about the RLCS World Championships! The Chiefs and Tainted Minds boys were over in London, competing against the best in the world. Torsos, Jake and Drippay were representing the Chiefs, and Tainted Minds were represented by CJCJ, Kamii and Julz.


When it comes to an event like the RLCS World Champs, there are no easy matchups, so both teams would have their work cut out for them. Fortunately for the Australian teams, the crowd was very much behind them, which definitely gave them a boost going into the matches.


Tainted Minds started their campaign against Complexity and suffered a tough 3-0 defeat in their first best of five series. It’s worth noting that Complexity went on to fall short at the final hurdle in the winners bracket finals. Tainted Minds went on to face Envy in the lower bracket and put in a formidable display, ultimately falling just short with Envy taking the series 3-2. This knocked them out, but the boys should be really proud of their performance and it’s hopefully a sign of things to come for not only next year, but also for the next season within Australia.


The Chiefs on the other hand managed to get one over their first matchup,Evil Geniuses and won the series 3-2. EG were laying the smack talk on rather thick, so it was a particularly enjoyable victory. They went on to face the big bad wolf in the Chiefs fair tale, team Dignitas. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, I think their mental fortitude let them down as they fell 3-1 to Dignitas and moved into the lower bracket. This was however the first time the Chiefs moved to day 3 of the competition, so there’s a definite positive in that! The Chiefs went on to face Cloud9, who came out of the gates swinging, kicking and pretty much everything else. They proved to be in impeccable form and picked up a clean sweep, going 3-0.


This meant the end of the line for the Chiefs, but much like Tainted Minds, the boys had steady improvement from last year and did Australia pride. That said, I think I speak for both teams when I say that both the Chiefs and Tainted Minds had their sights set higher, and were gutted to be knocked out. Can’t wait for the next RLCS World Championships!


Here are a few highlights of both the Tainted Minds and Chiefs boys in action. Most importantly, catch the best team entrance in RLCS history at the start of the video!




And that’s it for Rocket League. I’ll leave you with this fantastic snap of CJCJ and the London crowd.



This Week
We move into week 3 of the GFinity Elite Series and it will be interesting to see whether Torsos, Jake and Drippay are unleashed on the competition by the Chiefs. The action is going down on Sunday morning and you can catch it live in Sydney or on Twitch, here.



On the community side, the Throwdown Cup happening on Wednesday night from 7pm AEDT and you can catch the action here. On the ESL side, the Go4RocketLeague Cup is happening on Sunday. You can find more info here.




The past few weeks
The Gfinity Elite Series marks the start of a few weeks of consistent fighting game action in Australia. While the fighting game community is fairly strong within Australia, this is, unless I’m mistaken one of the few times that fighting games have been a core of a major esports series with more general reach, outside of FGC specific events like Battle Arena Melbourne.


All of the top Street Fighter V community talent is on deck, including Somniac, ROF, Rupps, Rumours of Ghosts and BKSama. In terms of where these players have ended up, Somniac and BKSama are playing for the Chiefs, Rumours of Ghosts is playing for Avant, Rupps is playing for Ground Zero and ROF is playing for Order.


As for how the matches went down, The Chiefs dominated week 1, picking up a clean 4-0 win over Sydney Roar. Avant on the other hand grinded out a 4-3 win over Ground Zero with Rumours of Ghosts carrying the team, and ORDER and the villainous ROF beat Brisbane Deceptors 4-2.


In week 2, Roar had a second bad week, with Ground Zero picking up the clean 4-0 against them this time. The Chiefs picked up almost as strong a win against the Brisbane Deceptors and last but not least Avant and ORDER had an epic battle, with Rumours of Ghosts and ROF facing off. Avant narrowly won 4-3.


This leaves the Chiefs and Avant in the lead on 6 points, with ORDER and Ground Zero behind them on 4 points. Roar and the Desceptors trail on 0 points.



Here’s a few of the highlights from last weekend.


Now I know what you’re thinking… Why didn’t you cover BAM10 Graeme… It’s the pinnacle of fighting game competitions in Australia… And you’d be right! So let’s chat about Battle Arena Melbourne!


BAM happens once a year and showcases the finest skills fighting game community… And it’s just that, a community. More than any other game or esport, fighting games foster a camaraderie and community second to none. It’s off the wall, quirky and a whole lot of fun.


This year however was not your average Battle Arena Melbourne. It was BAM’s 10 year anniversary and was held at the MCEC.This year brought out not only Australia’s finest competitors, but as a major, it also brought top tier international competitors and broadcast talent!



What’s more the top ANZ players in the Street Fighter, Tekken and Super Smash Bro’s tournaments received tickets to EVO, the worlds biggest fighting game’s tournament. They were Somniac, ChandNY and Extra. Smashing.


When it comes to the overall winners of the individual tournaments, I’ll focus on the masters top tier tournaments, but you can find all the results here. The Street Fighter V winner was Echo Foxtokido; the Tekken 7 winner was ROX DragonsKnee; the Super Smash Bro’s 4 winner was VS.DSExtra; the Super Smash Bro’s Melee winner was [A]Armada and the Dragon Ball Fighter Z winner was 2BaldBaxter.


BAM10 is done and dusted, but you can still catch many of the ANZ pro’s in action in the GFinity Elite Series.


Here’s a few photos of the event and you can see more here and can go and watch video highlights here.





This Week
There is more GFinity Elite Series action happening this weekend! The action is going doing on Sunday and you can catch it live in Sydney or on Twitch, here.





The past few weeks
Did someone ORDER up some Counter-Strike?


ORDER were invited to participate in the ZOTAC Cup Masters Asia Regional Finals, that happened during Computex in Taipei at the start of June. They went up against the likes of EMC, XCN, Sad Story,  Alpha Red, SZ Absolute, Signature and MVP PK.


The boys had a really good run in the competition, with a strong playoffs performance, demolishing EMC 16-3. They went on to face MVP in the semi-finals, and took the series to 3 games, but ultimately fell short, losing out to MVP, who went on to win the grand final against Signature. Fortunately for us, they documented their time in Taipei on video.



Order weren’t the only team jetsetting, as our very own Gucci Hounds made their way over to Dallas for the ESL Pro League Season 7 Global Finals.
The very top tier of global CS:GO, Grayhound were paired up against Liquid in the first round. This was always going to be a challenge for the hounds, with travel, jet lag, and facing the best in the world in their comfort zone.


The hounds went down 5-16 to Liquid which sent them down to the lower bracket to face none other than our other international export, the Renegades. Nifty. Renegades had fallen 7-16 to Space Soldiers, but managed to turn that form around against Grayhound, clinching the series in 2 straight wins. This unfortunately knocked out the Hounds and paired Renegades up against SK Gaming, who in turn dispatched them in 2 straight wins.


In true Banter Hounds fashion, they got out and about, and couldn’t leave without a penis signature. Chad’s life will never be the same.



Back on home turf, the ESEA MDL Season 28 kicked off and we’re about 3 weeks into the tournament. Given there’s 3 weeks of matches, I’m not going to dive into each individual game, but this is where things stand right now. It’s hardly surprising that Tainted Minds, ORDER and Grayhound are at the top of the pile, but SYF are doing particularly well.



We also had the FACEIT London Major Qualifiers go down. The event was a play in qualifier for Australia’s CS teams with a single slot at the FACEIT Asia Minor, happening in London, in July, up for grabs. The likes of Tyloo, Signature, SZ Absolute and the Renegades will be competing and the top two teams from the minor will get to go back for the Major happening in September.


After the dust had settled and we made it to the top 16, most of the usual suspects were present at the pointy end of the competition. There were a few critiques about the matchmaking, especially with Corvidae up against Tainted Minds in the top 16, but with POP4ZITS (What a class act) meeting unknown teams in both the top 16 and the quarter finals.


That aside, the key match of the top 16 was Tainted Minds vs Corvidae, but tainted minds steamrolled the match, winning a flawless 16-0. In the quarter finals, ORDER vs Grayhound went to overtime, with ORDER picking up the win. Tainted Minds were on fire, picking up a flawless win against Dark Sided and streamline beat Avant. In the semi finals, Tainted Minds again proved too strong, dispatching ORDER 2-0 in a best of three format. POP4ZITS did the same thing to Streamline.


In the final, Tainted Minds picked apart POP4ZITS to lock in their spot at the Asia Minor in London.



The CyberGamer Pro League Winter Season kicked off this week. The bane of my writing schedule, the action happens on Monday and Tuesday nights at 7pm and 9pm. After the first week of play, this is how the top of the leader board looks.



 In other CS news, Obsidium picked up a CS roster and the Chiefs also dropped their IEM review video, so be sure to check that out.



This Week
The ESEA MDL is back on this week and while you’ve already missed some of it, you can catch the seadoggs vs Ground Zero on Thursday at 8pm and Ground Zero Vs Legacy at 10pm. You can watch the games live on Rob Munday’s Twitch here.


You can also catch the a action on Monday and Tuesday night from 7pm onwards. You can view the full schedule here and you can watch it live here.


There is more also more GFinity Elite Series action happening this weekend! The action is going doing on Saturday and you can catch it live in Sydney or on Twitch, here.



The main event this week is the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals, happening live at Supanova in Sydney this weekend. All the top teams will be present, including Dark Sided, Chiefs, ORDER, Grayhound, Corvidae, Tainted Minds, SYF and Control.


The game play will start on Friday at the ESL Studios at 11am and will be streamed on Twitch. The teams will play a best of one, round robin format, with the top ranking teams progressing to the live stage for the semi-finals at Supanova on Saturday morning. The grand final will happen at 2pm on Sunday.


Here’s a full breakdown of all the games. You can get tickets for Supanova here and can watch live on Twitch here.



And here’s the broadcast talent!





The past few weeks
There’s been no pro action over the past month, but there have been a whole bunch of community cup. Not to overload this already meaty update, you can find all the results on the ESL website here.


Outside of competitions, Obsidium acquired a new roster!


This week
Until further notice, there’s no pro action going down. There is however community cup action on Saturday and Sunday from around 12pm onwards and you should be able to watch it here.




The past few weeks
There’s been both domestic and international action across may. Domestically, we had the CWL National Series Stage 3. 


After four weeks of intense play, Taboo topped the table and were definitely the favourites going into the playoffs. They progressed through the semi finals and claimed the title, which wins them tickets to the Anaheim open, which is happening this weekend. On the other end of the field, Frontline and Sleeper Gaming had to battle it out in the relegation series, but both teams kept their spaces, qualifying for Stage 4.


Internationally, both Mindfreak and Tainted Minds have had their hands full in the CWL Pro League Stage 2. Despite both teams making it through the stage 1 relegation fairly easily, they’ve had a bit of a tough run in Stage 2 so far. First up, our boys went head to head in the epitome of Oceanic grudge matches, with Mindfreak taking a narrow 3-2 win.


In week 3, Mindfreak went on to lose 1-3 to EUnited and 2-3 to CompLexity. Tainted Minds on the other hand lost 0-3 to Luminosity and 1-3 to UNILAD. In week 4, Mindfreak started off strong with a 3-2 win over Luminosity, but struggled with a 1-3 loss to OpTic, and a 0-3 loss to UNILAD. Tainted Minds unfortunately suffered a trifecta of losses against Rise, CompLexity and EUnited.


It’s not all doom and gloom though, if you’re curious to see behind the scenes of what happens in the Pro League, watch Tainted Minds video!



This Week
We’re on a break domestically, with the CWL National Circuit Stage 4 starting next week.


Internationally, we have the Anaheim Open taking place this weekend! Pro league regulars Tainted Minds and Mindfreak will be present, as will Taboo and Obsidium. We also can’t forget Australian esports best beard, Miles Ross, who will be on the casting desk.


The time zone works pretty well for us to be fair. Our boys will start at 7am on Saturday morning and you can watch it here. Any information you could possibly need is here.




The past few weeks
In mid may, the best of Australia’s Overwatch teams descended on the ESL Studios for the Contenders Season 1 Finals. 


Before the contest started, my money would’ve been on either Masterminds or the Sydney Drop Bears to win the title, and I’m happy to say that’s exactly how it turned out. That said, special mention to Dark Sided. They gave the Drop Bears a run for their money in the semi finals and took the series to game 5.





In addition to this, we have the announcement of the Australian Overwatch World Cup Committee! With that comes a specific Twitter handle and the start of trials. The details for where to watch are below and make sure you join their Discord for updates!


And last but not least, Avant and JAM Gaming now have Overwatch rosters!



This Week
It’s a quiet week for Overwatch… but watch this space…




The past few weeks
Early in May both Mindfreak (Formerly Nomia) and Crimson gaming headed to Rio for the Intercontinental Clash. They were up against each other and subsequently the winner of the Copa America, for a shot at the qualification spot for the Mid Season Brawl in Sweden.


The Crimson and Mindfreak battle came about as close as it could, but ultimately Mindfreak took the win 4-3. Mindfreak went on to face Encore and won a convincing 4-1 series, sending them to Sweden! Better than telling you more about it, Mindfreak were kind enough to document their journey.



Speaking of the Mid Season Brawl, the group stage action happened over the past few days, with the playoffs happening as I write this. Despite a plucky performance, Mindfreak’s run unfortunately ended in the group stages.


Like most Australian esports teams, Mindfreak HOTS were likely betrayed by their lack of international experience. They fell to Ballistix, Tempo Storm and GenG, but managed to pull back a series against TheOne.


This week
It’s a quiet week for HOTS. Go watch some Dota this weekend. That said, The ANZ Premier Division Phase #2 starts next week!




The past few weeks
Last week we had a few of our best off at Dreamhack for WCS Austin. Jared was on the casters desk and NXZ and Seither were competing. Unfortunately for our boys, their run ended in the group stages, with NXZ going 0-4 and Seither with a more respectable 3-4.


If you’re keen on reading about the event, there’s a great writeup here, and there’s some great photos below!


This Week
There’s domestic action on this weekend, with the WCS Valencia Qualifiers. All the info you need is right here. Well played Blizzard ANZ 🙂





The past few weeks
There wasn’t much going on in the Australian Dota scene in the last few weeks, but that all changes this weekend! And in preparation of the big event, Athletico have acquired the water- roster. Obsidium have also acquired a Dota 2 roster!


This Week
So you were clearly already going to Supanova… and that means there’s great news for you! You’ll get to see the ESL Dota 2 Championship Finals!


The quarter finals kick off from 10am on Saturday, with N9 going up against Pink, and Gei He Le Fan up against Athletico (Water-). The finals are happening from 10am on Sunday and you can get tickets for Supanova here and can watch live on Twitch here.


And here’s the broadcast talent!






The past few weeks
The Oceanic Pro League is back for split 2! A new split, a new snowball meta and many, many (did I say many!) roster changes! There are even a few international imports. Let’s see how the teams have changed over the mid season break.


First up, the Dire Wolves had a lackluster MSI and off the back of that have made a change. They say farewell to Chippys and hello to BioPanther.


Avant also have a few new faces, in the shape of Praelus and Darkside.


Legacy said farewell to Sybol and found a replacement in Only.


After a disappointing split 1, it’s hardly surprising that Tectonic shook up their roster, and I’m really happy that Sybol has found a new home here. They’ve also added Value and Trance. For the sake of layout, Chiefs are bundled in here with the their announcement of a new coach in the shape of Doruk.


Last but definitely not least when it comes to the player roster changes is Mammoth Esports, the new face of SIN Gaming. A big roster shake up and a new name later, they still have Juves and the personality that comes with him.


In the words of Steve Jobs, one more thing… And that’s that there’s a new face on the caster desk. Noah “Nichboy” Richardson of Good Game and ScreenPLAY has taken up a seat on the desk and in the lounge. If week 1 was anything to go by, she’ll be right… Oh and Bryce is back! Yay!



Phew… That’s a lot of ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Take a breather and watch this intro to Split two by the OPL.



So… How did things go you ask? I think it will be another week or two till the rosters probably settle down and integrate. Bear in mind that some of the international players have only been in Australia for a few weeks. That said, the team most affected by that, Mammoth, had a strong start to the split, picking up a clean 2-0 vs the Bombers.


The Chiefs seem to have gotten stronger because of their new coach and roster stability, executing a strong 2-0 over Legacy. Tectonic vs Avant was a much closer affair, with Avant managing to pick up a slender 2-1 win.


Last but definitely not least, the Dire Wolves grinded out a shaky 2-1 win over Order. BioPather had a pretty good showing for his first OPL game, and Order’s Korean bootcamp definitely seemed to have paid dividends, but it was Order’s lack of ability to convert early advantage that allowed the wolfpack to come back and take the win.



Over in the Oceanic Challenger Series, we’re already in week 5, and this is where things stand. The Chiefs and the Dire Wolves seem to have the cream of the crop when it comes to future talent, and Intuition, EmproX and the QUT Tigers are the standalone orgs vying for their shot at playing in the OPL.



This week


First up, if you’ve been hit by a sleepy trouble bubble, you may have missed the announcement about Rift Rivals Sydney! It’s happening on July 5th and tickets are on sale here.


The OPL moves on to week 6 this week and you can view the schedule below and you can watch it here.


The OCS moves on to week 6 this week and you can view the schedule below and you can watch it here.




The past few weeks
The Cybergamer Invite League Season 3 wrapped up earlier in May. Grayhound weren’t leading the pack, but managed to dominate the finals, picking up the top spot.



The CyberGamer Leagues have also rebranded, with the CGi being rebranded to the CyberGamer PUBG Gold and the CGa being rebranded to CyberGamer PUBG Silver. Play for both of these leagues has already started and the first series will run on Wednesdays from June 6th until June 27th (16 matches), whereas the second series will run on Wednesdays from July 4th until July 25th (16 matches).


After the first few weeks, this is how things have shaped up. Bear in mind that not all teams have played an equal amount of games.


CyberGamer Gold


CyberGamer Silver


In addition to the CyberGamer league, the Esports Underground (ESU) Invite League has been running for the past few weeks. We’re currently in Phase 2 of season 1 and the gameplay takes place on Monday nights from 8pm. We’ve just completed week 5 and this is how the leaderboard looks.



Last but not least we had the announcement about the $2m PUBG Invitational and have the details for the PGI Australia Qualifier. 80 Teams competed for one of the 20 slots in the live qualifiers on 22-24 June at the ESL Studios. Up for grabs will be a $30,000 prize pool and more importantly, the one qualification slot for the PUBG Invitational in Berlin. Full details here and you’ll be able to watch it here.


Here are the teams competing:



This Week
The ESU Invite League is happening on Monday night and you can watch it live here from 8pm onwards.


The Cybergamer Gold and Silver leagues are also back in action on Wednesday night and you can watch it live here from 7pm onwards.



As if all that wasn’t enough! There’s tons more esports on the go in Australia!


First and probably the biggest was the announcement of the Melbourne Esports Open, which is set to be Australia’s largest esports event to date. Huge. Read my article about it here.


Next up, you already know about it, but it’s Supanova Sydney this weekend! In addition to all the usual awesome stuff you’ll find at Supanova, we have both the ESL Counter-Strike and Dota 2 finals happening. Doesn’t get much better.


Next up, Naysy launched WomANZ, a community designed to support and empower women in the Australian and New Zealand gaming community. I really love this initiative and can’t wait to see the good it does!


Kanga Esports player DiGeDoG has landed a spot in the Ninja’s in Pajama’s Paladins Roster. A big loss for Kanga, but fantastic for Dige and Australian esports in general.



I must’ve been sleeping, because I didn’t realise that Avant did a video series, but here’s the newest entry, that includes all their recent exploits.



Speaking of video… Masterminds dropped their newest episode of Into the Minds. This one is about BAM10!



They’ve also signed a new player to their roster for Super Smash Bro’s Melee.


On more of the business side, Australian gaming publication group Gamurs raised $2.2m and Australia finally has gaming related talent management. Evolved Talent Agency has expanded into Australia by partnering with Cam Rogers Law and the Australian operation will be run by Cam and Mathew ‘Judge’ Brand. Cam will be looking after the legal side and has a lot of digital entertainment law experience, whereas Mathew will be the head of talent management. If you’re the lookout for advice or management, you should get directly in touch with him.


There’s been a bunch of streamer pickups over the past few weeks, but the one that stood out to me was…



In some international news, The Splatoon 2 World Cup happened at E3 this week and our team Yeah Nah competed. They failed to pick up any wins, but still put in a good showing, considering this was their first international tournament and they left Australia undefeated.


There’s Gears of War Regional Qualifiers happening on the 24th of June. The details are here.


We had second of the WoW Arena Cups happen in May, with the 3rd scheduled for Friday night! The details you’ll need to watch it are below!



An ongoing reminder that there’s the Australian Esports League’s University Cup Series happening as well. This great grass roots initiative has a league for CS:GO, Rocket League and Dota 2. The matches take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively and things kick off at 6.30pm AEST. You can watch the matches here.


Given Fortnite seems to be all the rage right now, It’s only fitting that I write something about it! First off, Mindfreak have started running casual tournaments!



What’s hardly surprising then, is that Mindfreak have picked up a Fortnite roster, as have Taboo!



And last but not least, Mindfreak have made yet another quality signing, this time for Hearthstone, with K-pop wielding, card slinging Navioot.



And now, 5000 and something words later, I need to stop! I think I’ve caught everything here, but if you know of anything I’ve missed, give me a shout on Twitter so I can include it. I’ll see you next week with another roundup of Australian esports.