It’s esports time! We’re back with this weeks Australian esports roundup!


Here’s everything that happened in the last week and everything that’s happening in the week to come! Click on your game of choice and be transported away into into esports nirvana!

















Last Week
This week marked the grand finals of the inaugural EA Sports Fifa E-League! As we reached the pointy end of the competition, teammates were no more as the play turned to individuals in the hunt for a spot in the Global Series Playoffs.


Despite this, it was all smiles ahead of the PS4 and Xbox groups, with the winner of each platform moving on to face each other in the final and gaining a ticket to the global championships.



In the PS4 tournament, this is how things shaped up! Fweshestt and BLFifa pushed through the eliminations into the quarter finals. Both fell to the higher seeds, with RDOUBLETT and Joshingwood taking the matches and Saisanas moving along with them.


In the Semi’s, RDOUBLETT fell to xMarkoHD and Joshingwood moved on to face him in the finals. In a bit of an upset, Joshingwood took the win and took his spot in the finals!



Over in the Xbox group, Mitch Austin picked up his first E-League win and Cripsy snuck past JUSTMANUTD12 on penalties. Unfortunately both their runs ended there, with FUTWIZ Jamie, Samer96_, Strawhat Camels and Marcus Gomes progressing.


In the semi’s, Samer got the better of Jamie, and Marcus beat Strawhat Camels. In the Xbox final, the predictable pair of Samer and Marcus both put in a solid showing, with Samer sneaking through a winner to take the Xbox crown.



And how did things end up? The man with the muscles, Samer96_ won out over Joshingwood, clinching the E-League title. Congrats Samer!
Both will get a ticket to the global playoffs in Amsterdam at the end of May!




Despite his early exit on the big day, there’s a special shoutout for Cripsy. The man with the most kontent in the E-League, he’s made a huge contribution to the competition with his commentary.


And not done there, he brought his gift of the gab to Just For Kicks this week. #CRIPSYCOMMENTATING2019. Here is a clip from Just For Kicks and an E-League backstage tour by the man himself on the big night.



Last but not least, here are a few highlights from the finals.



This Week
There’s no Australian Fifa action this week, but be sure to keep an eye out




Last Week
The OPL is on a break. It’s not you, it’s them. They’ll be back for split 2, which should be in June.


This week
The current champs, the Dire Wolves are in Europe for the Mid Season Invitationals and the play kicks off this week!



The best teams in the world will be converging in Berlin, with the action starting on May 3rd. You can watch it live here.



This week, the Dire Wolves will be playing on both Friday and Sunday, and while the time zone difference does make things tricky, you should be able to catch some of the action.


On Friday, the 4th of May, the Dire Wolves start their play in group with a match against BAUSuperMassive at 9pm AEST. They’ll follow this with matches against KaBuM at midnight and PENTAGRAM at 1am.



On Sunday, the Dire Wolves will face KaBuM at 8pm, BAUSuperMassive at 10pm and PENTAGRAM at midnight.





Last Week
There was no tier 1 ANZ Rainbow Six Siege action last week, but there was GO4R6 Community Cup action! In the PS4 cup #9, No Limits met Revival in the final, and No Limits convincingly took the win. In the Xbox cup monthly finals, Evenity met Genocide and, and Evenity took the win!


In the PC cup #22, Team Ta Whomst progressed through the upper bracket to the finals, where they met Mother of War, who came up through the losers bracket. Team Ta Whomst took the win. This is back to back wins for Team Ta Whomst, who are dominating the community cups at the moment.


This week
With the APAC S7 Finals completed, we’re on a competitive break. There will be no tier 1 action this week, but you can catch the community cups on Sunday from around 12pm onwards and you should be able to watch it here.




Last Week
With IEM Sydney looming, it was a quiet week for Australian CS:GO.


This Week
IT IS HERE! IEM Sydney has FINALLY arrived and I for one am so, so, stoked! Awesome location, awesome people, drinking from shoes… What could possibly go wrong!


Here’s a light guide to what is happening at IEM. For those attending IEM, or if you’re just a curious cat, here’s a full guide!



As always, esports has thrown us a few curveballs, as NaVi and Space Soldiers couldn’t travel to Sydney because of visa issues. They’ve been replaced by Legacy and G2! While many will be sad about NaVi missing the event, it’s great to have another home grown team in the mix.



The group stages started yesterday on Tuesday 1st of May, with the play happening at the ESL Studios in Sydney. The matches are being live streamed here.



Coming into the event, it was all about how the local teams (and Renegades) would fare against the best in the world…. and so far… what a spectacle it’s been!


I’m not sure whether it’s jetlag or simply that the hometown heroes have boosted their power levels over 9000, but there have been upsets aplenty.


In group A, Renegades predictably sent Legacy to the lower bracket and FaZe and Cloud9 did the same to Order and Grayhound. Tyloo however knocked SK Gaming into the lower bracket and then went on to do the same to Cloud 9. Not to be outdone by Tyloo, Renegades  sent FaZe to the lower bracket, which puts them through to the main stage in the winners final against Tyloo!



In the lower bracket, the boys pushed through once again! Order won out over Legacy and much more importantly, Grayhound beat SK Gaming 2-1, eliminating them from the tournament and extending Grayhound’s lower bracket grind to today, when they take on FaZe…. Phew good luck boys. Let loose the dogs of war!



In group B, there was fewer upsets, but NRG made Astralis work for the win. Mousesports, Fnatic and G2 predictably won their matches vs Dreamscape, the Chiefs and MVP.




On Friday, the main event kicks off and doors open from 12pm. If you’re making your way out to the space, catch a train to Olympic Park and walk from there.



Outside of the main CS:GO event, there will be a community showcase on Friday, the Starcraft WCS Qualifiers happening on Saturday and the ESL Women’s Sydney Open happening on Sunday. I watched a few of the qualification games for the women’s open and you’ll definitely want to catch some of that.



I’ve announced this already, but if you haven’t seen it, here are the buttery commentary voices and memorable faces that will narrate your IEM Sydney adventure.



There is however the GFinity Australia Elite Draft Showcase happening, with the winners from the Challenger Series showing off their talents to impress the drafting teams like the Chiefs. You can catch the weekly CSGO action on Sunday from 4pm AEST and you can watch it here.




Last Week
A week full of football based finals, it was the Throwdown Championships Finals on Sunday. The Chiefs, Tainted Minds, Legacy and Dark Sided were battling it out for the two spots at RLCS.



Chiefs vs Tainted Minds kicked off the play, and against all odds, Tainted Minds took the opening game of the series. This joy was however short lived, as the Chiefs found their feet and proceeded to take a series of close games to win the series 4-1.


Next up, Dark Sided took on Legacy and caused a bit of an upset, taking the series 4-1, putting them through to face the Chiefs in upper bracket final. This is unfortunately where their good luck ended, as the Chiefs made short work of them, going 4-0 and claiming their spot in the grand finals and much more importantly, RLCS.


In the lower bracket, Tainted Minds took the game to Legacy, and following in Dark Sided’s footsteps, caused a bit of an upset, taking the set 4-0. This was followed by the biggest game of the day, with the Tainted Minds vs Darksided set going the full 7 games. Ultimately, Tainted Minds clutched out the victory, putting them through to the grand final and RLCS!


As for how the grand final turned out? I’m sure Tainted Minds wouldn’t take offense when I say that it’s obvious that Chiefs won. This sends the Chiefs through as the higher seed. Congrats to both Tainted Minds and the Chiefs!


Here are some of the best plays from the finals:


We also had the regular ESL Go4RocketLeague Cup happening on Sunday and #77 title was picked up by SunBurst, who defeated Team Meme, Layta, Misfits, Rise Esports and last but not least Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilico in the final.


This Week
There’s no top tier Rocket League this week, but we do have community cup action.


The Throwdown Cup happening on Wednesday night from 7pm AEDT. Likewise, you can catch the action here.


On the ESL side, the Go4RocketLeague Cup #78 should be happening on Sunday. You can find more info here.


There’s  also Gfinity Australia Challenger Series is action this week. The Elite Draft showcase is happening, with the winners from the Challenger Series showing off their talents to impress the drafting teams like the Chiefs. You can catch the weekly Rocket League action on Saturday from 4pm AEST and you can watch it here.




Last Week
The ANZ Premier Division moved on to week 8 this week, which is the final week of league play.


Tuesday night started off with a QM Warriors win over EmproX. The only other game of the night saw Outlaws pick up a win over Downfall.


On Thursday, Aztech picked up back to back wins against Rich Gang and EmproX and EmproX faced a second loss of the night against Outlaws. Rich Gang also faced their second loss of the day against QM Warriors.


The game of the night was however Mindfreak vs Crimson, with Mindfreak trying to maintain their unbeaten run. Did they do it? Yes they did! Mindfreak 2, Crimson 1.


This week
There’s no action this week, but we’ll be back next week with the HGC Intercontinental Clash in Rio, where Mindfreak and Crimson will take on the world.




Last Week
Thursday saw the ESL Global Series Phase 8 Cup #4 Finals. Kanga Esports took the final after defeating LFT, Ring Gang and Surge.



This Week
Paladins should be back this Thursday for Phase 9 Cup #1 in the usual time slot at 7pm. Catch the action here.




Last Week
There was no ESL Dota 2 action this week. The next action we have is at Supanova Sydney in June, where N9, PINK, Gei, Le He Fan and Water- will face off.


This Week
There’s no ESL Dota 2 action this week, but you can spend that time buying tickets for the Supanova expo in Sydney in June, where the semi finals and finals will be happening live.




Last Week
The ESL’s SMITE Global Series Summer Open Qualifier happened on the weekend.  Sadly the results are incomplete. I’ll update them when I have them.


This Week
SMITE’s back same time next week, Saturday at 11am AEDT. Catch the action here.




Last Week
Last week we entered the playoffs in the ANZ Overwatch Contenders Season 1. 


The action kicked off on Monday with Dark Sided picking up the win over NoC Predators. Next up, the Drop Bears picked up a smooth win over Legacy.


On Tuesday, Masterminds picked up the win vs Kanga Esports and Blank Blue beat JAM Gaming.


This puts Dark sided up against the Drop Bears in the first semi final and pits Masterminds vs Blank Blue in the second.


This Week
There is no play off action this week because of IEM Sydney. The action should be back next week!


In addition to the Contenders action, there’s also Overwatch Australia Open Division action on Friday and Saturday this week. Play starts at 8pm on both days and you can find more info here.




Last Week
There was no Starcraft action last week.


This Week
This week however, we have the top 8 players in SEA/OCE in the World Championship Series, competing for a spot at WCS at Dreamhack Austin.


and  will be competing on May 5th from 12pm.  The two players you’ll want to watch are Probe and Yours. Both players are on equal points in the global rankings, with Probe currently in the 25th and Yours in 30th spot.



The event will be casted by Zepph, Moonglade, Pig and Maynarde. You’ll be able to watch it here.






Last Week
There was no Call of Duty action this week.


This Week
We’re on a break this week, with the next international action happening mid May.




Last Week
The Australian community was spoiled this week, with the ZIMO PUBG Invitational happening across the week. The event was held live at the MCEC in Melbourne, with a prize pool of $150,000.



The tournament spanned 3 days, with the first day focused on a solo tournament and the latter two days focused on squad play. The solo tournament was filled with chaos, team kills, lots of hiding and an over abundance of vehicular slaughter.


At the end of the day, it was our homegrown hero, the man with the mullet, Subslayer of Tainted Minds that emerged victorious to claim the top prize of $8,000. In second and third were OMG’s LionKK and ZoidM8 of Grayhound.



On Day 2, the chaos was out of the way, as the squads settled into more strategic play. Despite a lot of hype about the Asian teams, it was the boys from Athletico that reigned supreme at the end of day 1, with 4AM in second position and Grayhound in third.


Coming into day 2, a fairly unknown local team (at least unknown to me), Pathogen stormed into the fray, dominating play and clawing their way up the leaderboard. Unfortunately they fell just short of pole position, ending up in second place behind Athletico. OMG ended up in third place.


Squads Day 1 Results

Squads Day 2 Results


Athletico walk away with $60,000 and Pathogen with $30,000 and more than the money, having Aussie teams pick the top 2 spots bodes really well for future Australia’s participation in PUBG esports events on a global stage. Yeah the boys!


Winners Athletico

Runners Up Pathogen


Due to the Zimo event, there was no top tier Cybergamer CGi action this week, but we are back with tier 2 action in CGa league!


In the CGa league, There are more matches, so I’ll purely focus on the winners. The Chicken Dinners for the games went to Corvidae, Outplayed, Big Yikes, Rejects, Corvidae, Veterans in Pyjamas, Immunity, Outplayed and Sammy’s Ballbag Squad. At the end of the night, Corvidae have doubled down on their move up the leaderboard and are in the top spot. Outplayed move into 2nd and Sammy’s Ballbag Squad are in 3rd. You can view the full results here.



The standings for the CGi league remain the same.



This Week
The Cybergamer CGi and CGa leagues are also back in action on Wednesday night and you can watch it live here from 7pm onwards.



Last Week
There was no major Street Fighter or fighting game action over the past week, but the folks over at Couch Warriors announced that they’d have a few global Tekken Pro’s at the BAM 10 event that happens later this month. The hype is real.



This Week
There’s more GFinity action with the Elite Draft Showcase for Street Fighter V happening over the next few weeks. The winners from the Challenger Series show off their talents to impress the drafting teams like the Chiefs. You can catch the weekly Street Fighter action on Thursday from 7.30pm AEST and you can watch it here.





First up this week, the final teams were announced for the upcoming Gfinity Elite Series! The final teams to join the fray are Perth Ground Zero, as well as the Brisbane Deceptors and Sydney Roar. Roar and the Desceptors are teams created by Gfinity to compete in the competition.



Next up, in great news for the Bombers, they’ve inked a sponsorship with Virgin Australia. The partnership will see Virgin carry the bombers to their international training camps and competitions. Another step in the right direction for esports in Australia.


Masterminds has something exciting dropping this week if this is anything to go by… watch this space!



… and last but not least… our very own esports broadcaster extraordinaire Danny Kim has been very, very busy. He’s gracing our tv screens in a recent advertisement and this video was simply too good to share. Man’s got moves.




An ongoing reminder that there’s the Australian Esports League’s University Cup Series happening as well. This great grass roots initiative has a league for CS:GO, Rocket League and Dota 2. The matches take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively and things kick off at 6.30pm AEST. You can watch the matches here.



And we’re done! I think I’ve caught everything here, but if you know of anything I’ve missed, give me a shout on Twitter so I can include it. I’ll see you next week with another roundup of Australian esports.