It’s esports time! We’re back with this weeks Australian esports roundup!


Here’s everything that happened in the last week and everything that’s happening in the week to come! Click on your game of choice and be transported away into into esports nirvana!

















Last Week
There was no FIFA E-League action last week, partially due to a break before the E-League grand finals and partially because a few of the players, namely Marcus GomesMarko Brijeski and FUTWIZ Honey Badger were off in Manchester, competing in the FUT Champion’s cup.


This is where things ended up at the end of the league play. Sydney FC snuck through a win on +2 goal difference over Melbourne City and the Mariners were hot on their heels. It’s also worth noting that the group stages have amassed 1.8 million views on Twitch. Not bad for the first season!



This week
This week, the FIFA E-League Grand Finals are happening, and the teams are no more, with the individuals playing against each other in the hunt for their spot in the Fifa eWorld Cup. The PS4 players and the Xbox players will face off, with the two console champions then contending for the title of E-League Champion over two legs, with one match on each console.


As usual, you can watch the action live on Twitch, here and the action starts at 6pm on Thursday. This is where things will get really interesting and on the PS4 side, you’ll want to catch the matches with Mark Brijeski, Josh Wood and Kiran Gupta, and on the Xbox side, you’ll want to catch Marcus Gomes, Sameer Elbadar and Matthew Camilleri. This is how the matches will be structured:


Elimination Finals:
Match 1: Brisbane Roar v Wellington Phoenix (PS4 & Xbox)
Match 2: Newcastle Jets v Melbourne Victory (PS4 & Xbox)


Quarter Finals:
Sydney FC v Winner of Elimination Final 2 (PS4 & Xbox)
Western Sydney Wanderers v Adelaide United (PS4 & Xbox)
Melbourne City v Winner of Elimination Final 1 (PS4 & Xbox)
Central Coast Mariners v Perth Glory(PS4 & Xbox)


Semi Finals:
Winner of QF1 v Winner of QF2 (PS4 & Xbox)
Winner of QF3 v Winner of QF4 (PS4 & Xbox)


Console Grand Finals:
Winner of SF1 v Winner of SF2 (PS4 & Xbox)


E-League 2018 Grand Final:
Xbox winner v PS4 winner




Last Week
The OPL is on a break. It’s not you, it’s them. They’ll be back for split 2, which should be in June.


This week
The current champs, the Dire Wolves are in Europe for the Mid Season Invitationals and the play kicks off in early May. In other League of Legends news, ORDER and Juves are off living the League of Legends off season dream in Korea.


Dire Wolves – London Skrims

Dire Wolves – Touristing, or Skrims with the Queen?

ORDER LoL – Living it up in Korean bootcamp

SIN Juves – Up to something in Korea





Last Week
There was no tier 1 ANZ Rainbow Six Siege action last week, but there was GO4R6 Community Cup action! In the PS4 cup #8, WiZe met Vicious esports in the final, and WiZe took the win. In the Xbox cup #5, Team Sacred met Omni Gaming, and Sacred took the win!


In the PC cup #22, Win ‘n Disband progressed through through the winners bracket to the finals, where they met Diamond Dropkicks, who came up through the losers bracket. Diamond Dropkicks took the win. Last but not least, in the PC March Monthly Finals, Verdict navigated their way through the winners bracked, only for Team Ta Whomst, who Verdict knocked out a long the way, to climb out of the losers bracket and take the win against Verdict in the final!


Also, in case you missed the action the week before, there were two huge bits of news. First, Fnatic acquired Mindfreak’s R6 lineup. A huge achievement for this Australian team and hopefully a sign of things to come!



Second, Fnatic  won the APAC S7 Pro League Finals with Nora-Rengo in second place, with both qualifying for the Global Finals in Atlantic City on May 19th and 20th, where they’ll compete for their share of $275,000.




This week
With the APAC S7 Finals completed, we’re on a competitive break. There will be no tier 1 action this week, but you can catch the community cups on Sunday from around 12pm onwards and you should be able to watch it here.




Last Week
First up in Counter-Strike this week, we had the ESL Pro League S7 APAC Finals. The top 8 teams in APAC descended on the ESL Studio in Sydney, as they played for some huge prize money and most importantly, 2 spots at the global finals in Dallas in May. We had the following teams competijng: ORDER, Grayhound and Tainted Minds from Australia; Flash, MVP PK and The Mongolz from China, and Dream Scape and Signature from South East Asia.


This is how things panned out in the group stages. Most of the matches were pretty close, with ORDER, MVP, and Tainted Minds picking up expected wins. Perhaps a bit of an upset for hometown heroes,Dream Scape picked up the win over Grayhound.


In the winners matches, it was all about the Australian teams, with ORDER winning a close series over MVP, and Tainted Minds beating Dream Scape. In the elimination matches, Signature picked up a clean win over Absolute and Grayhound found their feet, knocking out MongolZ. Finally, in the decider matches, MVP knocked out Signature and Dream Scape also fell to Grayhound.
Group A

Group B


Here are a couple of the biggest plays from the group stages:


It was fantastic having 3 Australian teams in the semi-finals, with a home town hero finals. Alas, it was not to be, with MVP dominating their match against Tainted Minds. Grayhound put in a similarly strong performance against ORDER. In the finals, despite a strong rally from the hounds, MVP proved to be the MVP’s of the day and picked up the win.


After the long weekend of play, both Tainted Minds and ORDER are $12,000 richer, and MVP and Grayhound get their tickets to Atlantic City, where they’ll walk away with $20,000 for simply showing up.



Here are some of the best plays from the final stages of the competition:



Next up and the first of this week’s IEM Sydney news, is something that I’m really excited about! We had qualifiers for the ESL Womens Sydney Open and I think this is a great initiative, that I’d like to see more of! It’s a great stepping stone towards the top teams in the world being a mixture of men and women and an environment that doesn’t put up barriers to stop that happening.


On Wednesday night, a dominant Noot Noot team () picked up the winner’s bracket. Over in the lower bracket, CCC (, ) took the title and the spot at IEM.


On Thursday night, Winkyface (, @jANNarly) picked up the winners bracket and LilsUzi (), clawed their way through the lower bracket for their spot.


And just look at a few of the plays.


These 4 teams move on to a live contest at IEM where they’ll be competing for $10,000. Get em ladies.


We also had the final pro teams for IEM Sydney were locked in. The Chiefs, Grayhound and Order are representing Australia, with SK, FaZe, Renegades, Mousesports, NRG, Tyloo, MVP, Dream Scape, Fnatic, Cloud9, Natus Vincere, Astralis and Space Soldiers making up the international spots. What a lineup!



They’ve also released the groups and matchups… and our local teams are getting thrown straight into the deep end, having to face 3 of the top 4 teams in the world in round 1! ORDER face FaZe, Grayhound face Cloud9 and Chiefs face Fnatic, and you can’t help but worry that the boys from down under will end up in the lower bracket after the first round… That said, I’ll be holding out for an upset!



Lastly in the IEM news, in case you missed it, we had the casting lineup announced and after all these announcements I think I speak for all of us, including OJ Borg, when I say… I… am… too… excited! 



This Week
It’s on a break, all of it! With all eyes, hands and minds focused on IEM Sydney, the ESL Premier League S6, the ESEA MDL Premier Division, and the CyberGamer Premier League are also on breaks at the moment.


There is however the GFinity Australia Elite Draft Showcase happening, with the winners from the Challenger Series showing off their talents to impress the drafting teams like the Chiefs. You can catch the weekly CSGO action on Sunday from 4pm AEST and you can watch it here.




Last Week
We said goodbye to 2 teams in the top 6 playoffs of the Throwdown Championship as Dark Sided, Tainted Minds, Retirement Home and Jam Gaming competed to claim their spot.


First up, the epic 3rd and 4th place matchup of Dark Sided vs Tainted Minds was just that… epic. A back and forth afair, Dark Sided managed to win the 7th game of the series, taking series 4-3. This put Dark Sided through to the finals and left Retirement Home and JAM Gaming to fight for a chance to face Tainted Minds for the last spot. Retirement Home won their series 4-3 and put in a really good fight against Tainted Minds, but ultimately fell 3-4. This puts Tainted Minds through to the finals alongside Dark Sided.


Here are some of the best plays from the playoffs:


We also had the regular ESL Go4RocketLeague Cup happening on Sunday and #76 title was picked up by ‘free lunch money’, who defeated Fantastically Useless, Deviate ESC, Bandit esports, JAM Light and last but not least team ‘:)’ in the final.


This Week
The Throwdown Championship is back this week on Sunday with the grand finals, as Dark Sided, Tainted Minds, Legacy and the Chiefs battle it out for a spot at the RLCS World Championships.


The action kicks off with the Chiefs vs Tainted minds, followed by Legacy vs Dark Sided. The winners progress to face each other, with each team knocked out getting a second chance in the lower bracket. One would be crazy to back any one other than the Chiefs, but throughout the season, Legacy had equally good stats on paper, so you’d assume they’d pick up the second of the available spots.


That said, can Legacy or Dark Sided cause an upset? You can watch the action here from 12pm onwards.



They also have their Throwdown Cup happening on Wednesday night from 7pm AEDT. Likewise, you can catch the action here.


On the ESL side, the Go4RocketLeague Cup #77 should be happening on Sunday. You can find more info here.


There’s Gfinity Australia Challenger Series is action this week. The Elite Draft showcase is happening, with the winners from the Challenger Series showing off their talents to impress the drafting teams like the Chiefs. You can catch the weekly Rocket League action on Saturday from 4pm AEST and you can watch it here.




Last Week
The ANZ Premier Division moved on to week 7 this week and guess who was back, Skimmy was back.


Tuesday night started off with Mindfreak picking up the win vs QM Warriors and this was followed up with Downfall taking the win from Aztech, and Crimson taking the win from EmproX. Crimson’s win locked them into second place and their qualification for the HGC International Clash in Rio in May.


On Thursday, Downfall, Mindfreak and Crimson repeated their clean sweep of 2-0 wins against EmproX, Rich Gang and Rich Gang again.


This week
The final week of Premier Division play is back this week at 7.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Despite the top two spots already being locked in, there’s still pride to play for and on Tuesday, you can catch QM Warriors vs EmproX, and Downfall vs Outlaws.


On Thursday, you can catch Rich Gang vs Aztech, EmproX vs Outlaws, EmproX vs Aztech, QM Warriors vs Rich Gang, and last but definitely not least, you will want to catch Crimson vs Mindfreak, as Crimson will no doubt be going all out to break Mindfreak’s unbeaten run.


You can watch the games on the Blizzard ANZ Twitch.




Last Week
Friday saw the ESL Global Series Phase 8 Cup #3. Rich Gang progressed to the finals by beating Brutal Noodles, LFT and finally Team X.



This Week
Paladins should be back this Thursday for Phase 8 Cup #4 in the usual time slot at 7pm. Catch the action here.




Last Week
This week we had the second quarterfinals of the AU&NZ Championship 2018 DOTA2 Season 1. Last week, N9 and PINK sealed their spots in the semi finals.


This week, Gei Le He Fan picked up a clean 2-0 win over Trident, and Water- grinded out a 2-1 win over Seventh Heaven to secure their spots in the second semi final, which will be happening live at the Supanova Expo in Sydney in June!



Here are some of the bigger plays of the night:


This Week
There’s no ESL Dota 2 action this week, but you can spend that time buying tickets for the Supanova expo in Sydney in June, where the semi finals and finals will be happening live.




Last Week
The ESL’s SMITE Global Series Phase 2 Cup 4 happened on Saturday. By the looks of things, only two games were played and GGX Gang and We Garn Servo both won their games, to move on to the semi’s where they will face each other.


This Week
SMITE’s back same time next week, Saturday at 11am AEDT. Catch the action here.




Last Week
Ahead of the playoffs this week, there was a break in play last week. No Overwatch in Australian esports this week.


This Week
We’re back with top shelf ANZ Overwatch Contenders Season 1 action. The games take place on Monday and Tuesday, and on Monday, you can catch Dark Sided vs NoC Predators at 1pm, and the Sydney Drop Bears vs Legacy at 3pm.


On Tuesday, you can catch Masterminds vs Kanga at 1pm and JAM Gaming vs Blank Blue at 3pm. You can view the full schedule here and you can watch the action live, here.


In addition to the Contenders action, there’s also Overwatch Australia Open Division action on Friday and Saturday this week. Play starts at 8pm on both days and you can find more info here.




Last Week
There was no Starcraft action this week, but we did have an IEM Starcraft talent announcement! We’ll have Zepph, Moonglade, Pig and Maynarde casting the Challenger Series Live Finals.



This Week
There’s no Starcraft action this week. The next ANZ Starcraft will be taking place at IEM as part of the APAC Challenger Series. Stay tuned.




Last Week
Both the Mindfreak and Tainted Minds Call of Duty teams were battling it out in Seattle over the weekend in both the Pro League Relegation and the Seattle Open.


In the Pro League Relegation, both Mind Freak and Tainted Minds brought home the bacon, qualifying for the Pro League Stage 2.



Sadly, in the Seattle Open Mindfreak placed 19th and Tainted Minds placed 24th.


This Week
We’re on a break this week, with the next international action happening mid May.




Last Week
We’re back with CyberGamer PUBG Squad Leagues! They have two leagues, the CGa league, which is the tier 2 division and the CGi league, which is invite only and consists of the top talent in Australian PUBG.


In the CGi league this week, Game 1’s Chicken Dinner went to Trident, with Vanguard, Tainted Minds, Dz Resurge ad TLI esports making up the rest of the top 5 respectively. Game 2 was picked up by TLI, with Dz Resurge, Grayhound, Avant and Athletico in spots 2-5. Game 3 was won by Order, with Tainted Minds, Carnage, Grayhound and the Chiefs in spots 2-5. At the end of the night, Carnage are still at the top of the table, but the other teams are closing in, with Order and Grayhound in 2nd and 3rd. You can view the full results here.



In the CGa league, There are more matches, so I’ll purely focus on the winners. The Chicken Dinners for the games went to RIOT Gaming, Big Yikes, Rejects, New Genesis Gaming, RGB Lions, Abattoir, Oisiris, Veterans in Pajamas, Jam Gaming and Matrix Gaming. At the end of the night, Outplayed esports are still at the top of the table, with Sammy’s Ballbag Squad moving up into 2nd and Corvidae moving up into 3rd position. You can view the full results here.



This Week
This week we have the Zimo PUBG Invitational, happening live at the MCEC in Melbourne on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Twenty of the top teams in Asia Pacific including local teams like the Chiefs, Athletico, Grayhound and Tainted Minds will be competing for their share of $150,000 and a hefty 1st prize of $60,000.


As an added bonus, there’s also an individual First Person element, with a tasty first prize of $8,000. Not too shabby at all… The full schedule is yet to be released, but you can check out the event website here and grab tickets here. The event will be hosted by Fasffy and will be casted by Bobby J, Vandie and Zenox.


The solo first person action is happening on Wednesday, with the squads on Thursday and Friday. The action kicks off at 2pm and you can watch it on Twitch, here.


As for predictions, my money is on the Tainted Minds boys… they’ve got their match prep down to an art. It’s all about staying hydrated.



The Cybergamer CGi and CGa leagues are also back in action on Wednesday night and you can watch it live here from 7pm onwards.



Last Week
Last weekend in Melbourne we had the CouchWarriors April Ranking Battles, with a huge day of competition in everything from Tekken 7 to Street Fighter V. You can find the full results here. 


This Week
There’s more GFinity action with the Elite Draft Showcase for Street Fighter V happening over the next few weeks. The winners from the Challenger Series show off their talents to impress the drafting teams like the Chiefs. You can catch the weekly Street Fighter action on Thursday from 7.30pm AEST and you can watch it here.





First up this week, there’s an announcement that should mean a lot to anyone in Australian esports. The Esports Games Association of Australia announced that Nick Vanzetti has been appointed as the Chairman of the association. For anyone within the esports scene this is hardly a surprising decision, and it’s very well deserved, with all the work that Nick has put into Australian esports over the years.


There was also a great article about esports and the Dire Wolves in the Australian Financial Review. This is the kind of content that needs to be created continually to educate the masses about esports, which will bring more interest, investment and opportunities for everyone that’s already in the space. Awesome stuff!


Next, it was the Supanova convention in Melbourne last weekend! In addition to the best the nerd life has to offer, It was the Splatoon 2 ANZ Grand Finals, with Scarthace going up against Yeah Nah and the winner getting a trip to E3, where they would compete in the Global Finals!


After a convincing 5-0 performance, Yeah Nah locked in their tickets to E3! Congrats team!



In Blizzard news, a reminder that the World of Warcraft Arena APAC Finals are happening in Australia this year. Eight of the best teams across APAC will compete for their share of a $50,000 prize pool and most importantly, a spot at the global finals happening at BlizzCon later this year. There are four arena cups happening from May 11th onwards and you can find all the information here.


An ongoing reminder that there’s the Australian Esports League’s University Cup Series happening as well. This great grass roots initiative has a league for CS:GO, Rocket League and Dota 2. The matches take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively and things kick off at 6.30pm AEST. You can watch the matches here.


Also, if you fancy having a crack at kick starting your casting career, ESL and Arena of Valor have an amazing contest running that could see you casting at E3, provided you’ve got the skills to pay the bills. Submissions and signups close soon. Better get on it! 


And last but not least, a man that deserves your Twitter follows and Twitch subscriptions, Tainted Benchu showed some killer team spirit by doing a pannie for the boys, after both the Tainted Minds CSGO and COD Teams won their matches on Friday. Team spirit is high.




And we’re done! I think I’ve caught everything here, but if you know of anything I’ve missed, give me a shout on Twitter so I can include it. I’ll see you next week with another roundup of Australian esports.